2014 Amy?s Otway Classic: Race Results

2014 Amy?s Otway Classic ? Race Results

Date: Sunday, September 14

Location: Lorne – Deans Marsh Distance: 109.7 km Chief Commissaire: Neville Williams Organiser: Cycling Australia Events

Result (Provisional)

rankno.rider (team)time/gap
1.2Ellen Skerritt (HWC)3h15:12
2.1Ruth Corset (HWC)+0
3.38Rebecca Locke (LGS)+3:29
4.12Alexandria NICHOLLS (SZB)+3:29
5.6Kristy Glover (BSS)+3:29
6.24Kate PERRY (TRH)+3:40
7.17Cassandra Dodd (SPS)+3:44
8.29Georgina Beech (BNG)+3:44
9.46Rachel Ward+3:47
10.35Nikolina ORLIC (BCS)+3:51
11.37Nicole Moerig (LGS)+3:51
12.22Bridie O’DONNELL (TRH)+3:51
13.13Allison Rice (SZB)+3:51
14.7Crystal Wemyss (BSS)+3:51
15.14Laura DARLINGTON (SZB)+3:51
16.16Verita Stewart (SPS)+4:09
17.11Rebecca Wiasak (SZB)+4:22
18.44Claire MICHEL (HCA)+4:22
19.9Brittany Lindores (BSS)+4:30
20.26Kelly Bartlett (TRH)+4:40
21.21Chloe McConville (VIS)+7:03
22.8Lisa Keeling (BSS)+12:24
23.28Elizabeth Doueal (BNG)+12:24
24.48Jessica HUSTON+12:53
25.40Erin KINNEALY (HLW)+12:55
26.32Tayla Evans (BCS)+14:00
27.45Emily CUST (HCA)+14:08
28.30Penny Brown (BNG)+14:51
29.3Jemma Brown (HWC)+14:51
dns39Naomi Williams (LGS)?
dns50Gina Ricardo?
  • Average speed of the winner: 33.7 km/h
  • Number of starters: 53

Sprint Classification (PROVISIONAL Final Result)

1.2Ellen Skerritt (HWC)3pt
2.36Nicole Whitburn (LGS)3?
3.21Chloe McConville (VIS)3?
4.1Ruth Corset (HWC)2?
5.11Rebecca Wiasak (SZB)1?

Intermediate Sprints

#1 Great Ocean Road

1.36Nicole Whitburn (LGS)3
2.21Chloe McConville (VIS)2
3.11Rebecca Wiasak (SZB)1

#2 Birregurra ? Forrest Road

1.2Ellen Skerritt (HWC)3
2.1Ruth Corset (HWC)2
3.21Chloe McConville (VIS)1

Intermediate Climbs

Skenes Creek Road

1.2Ellen Skerritt (HWC)
2.1Ruth Corset (HWC)
3.38Rebecca Locke (LGS)

Teams Classification (Standings)

1.Suzuki Brumby’s (SZB)9h56:47
2.Bicycle Superstore (BSS)+39
3.Total Rush Hyster (TRH)+1:00
4.Holden Women’s Cycling Team (HWC)+3:40
5.BikeBug-NextGen Racing (BNG)+19:48

NRS Teams Aggregate (Standings)

1.Bicycle Superstore (BSS)86pt
2.Holden Women’s Cycling Team (HWC)79?
3.Suzuki Brumby’s (SZB)77?
4.Specialized Securitor (SPS)60?
5.Boss Racing Team (BRT)37?
6.Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team (VIS)34?
7.Total Rush Hyster (TRH)25?
8.Arbitrage Racing Women’s Cycling Team (ARW)19?
9.BikeBug-NextGen Racing (BNG)17?
10.Building Champions Squad (BCS)11?
11.SASI Cycling Team (SAS)10?
12.Liv/giant-Shimano (LGS)9?
13.Nicheliving Hall Women’s Racing Team (HLW)2?

NRS Aggregate (Standings)

1.Ruth Corset (HWC)56pt
2.Lizzie Williams (SPS)37?
3.Tessa Fabry (VIS)35?
4.Rebecca Wiasak (SZB)31?
5.Kendelle Hodges (VIS)29?
6.Ellen Skerritt (HWC)24?
7.Ashlee Ankudinoff (SPS)21?
8.Jenelle Crooks (HWC)21?
9.Rebecca Heath (BSS)21?
10.Alexandria NICHOLLS (SZB)18?
11.Kristy Glover (BSS)16?
12.Felicity Wardlaw (BSS)15?
13.Anna-Leeza HULL11?
14.Alexandra MANLY11?
15.Georgia Baker10?

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