2014 Amy’s Otway Classic: Race Results

2014 Amy?s Otway Classic ? Race Results

Date: Sunday, September 14

Location: Lorne – Deans Marsh Distance: 109.7 km Chief Commissaire: Neville Williams Organiser: Cycling Australia Events

  • Number of starters: 55

NRS Teams Aggregate (Virtual Standings)

1.Bicycle Superstore (BSS)81pt
2.Holden Women’s Cycling Team (HWC)76
3.Suzuki Brumby’s (SZB)70
4.Specialized Securitor (SPS)60
5.Boss Racing Team (BRT)37
6.Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team (VIS)34
7.Total Rush Hyster (TRH)21
8.Arbitrage Racing Women’s Cycling Team (ARW)19
9.BikeBug-NextGen Racing (BNG)15
10.Building Champions Squad (BCS)11
11.SASI Cycling Team (SAS)10
12.Liv/giant-Shimano (LGS)9
13.Nicheliving Hall Women’s Racing Team (HLW)2

NRS Aggregate (Virtual Standings)

1.Ruth Corset (HWC)51pt
2.Lizzie Williams (SPS)37
3.Tessa Fabry (VIS)35
4.Rebecca Wiasak (SZB)31
5.Kendelle Hodges (VIS)29
6.Ashlee Ankudinoff (SPS)21
7.Jenelle Crooks (HWC)21
8.Rebecca Heath (BSS)21
9.Ellen Skerritt (HWC)17
10.Felicity Wardlaw (BSS)15
11.Alexandria NICHOLLS (SZB)15
12.Kristy Glover (BSS)14
13.Anna-Leeza HULL11
14.Alexandra MANLY11
15.Georgia Baker10

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