2014 Bay Cycling Classic: Elite Women Stage 1 Results

Wiggle Honda’s Giorgia BRONZINI has sprinted to victory in Stage 1 of the 2014 Bay Cycling Classic, and will wear the leaders jersey for Stage 2.

Elite Women Stage 1 Result

1.11Giorgia BRONZINI (Wiggle Honda)44:38
2.1Annette EDMONDSON (Orica-AIS)+0
3.45Tiffany CROMWELL (Specialized Securitor)+0
4.32Chloe HOSKING (Roxsolt)+0
5.22Gracie ELVIN (Jayco National Team)+0
6.43Lizzie WILLIAMS+0
7.26Sophie WILLIAMSON (Vanderkitten)+0
8.39Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)+0
9.15Linda VILLUMSEN (Wiggle Honda)+0
10.33Lauren KITCHEN (Roxsolt)+0
11.28Miranda Griffiths (Vanderkitten)+0
12.5Valentina SCANDOLRA (Orica-AIS)+0
13.44Loren ROWNEY (Specialized Securitor)+0
14.34Sarah Roy (Roxsolt)+0
15.14Peta Mullens (Wiggle Honda)+0
16.2Loes GUNNEWIJK (Orica-AIS)+0
17.7Jenny MACPHERSON (Liv/Giant BCNA)+0
18.68Lucy Coldwell+9
19.21Carlee TAYLOR (Jayco National Team)+13
20.18Anna SCHNITZMEIER (Dhb Dream Team)+14
21.24Emily Roper (Jayco National Team)+14
22.25Louisa LOBIGS (Jayco National Team)+29
23.27Kate CHILCOTT (Vanderkitten)+44
24.8Nicole Moerig (Liv/Giant BCNA)+44
25.16Barbara GUARSCHI (Dhb Dream Team)+44
26.35Lucy MARTIN (Roxsolt)+44
27.41Amy Bradley (Specialized Securitor)+44
28.20Jessica Mundy (Dhb Dream Team)+44
29.3Amanda SPRATT (Orica-AIS)+44
30.4Jessie MACLEAN (Orica-AIS)+44
31.12Charlotte BECKER (Wiggle Honda)+44
dnf6Nicole Whitburn (Liv/Giant BCNA)
dnf9Naomi WILLIAMS (Liv/Giant BCNA)
dnf10Carly Williams (Liv/Giant BCNA)
dnf13Emilia FAHLIN (Wiggle Honda)
dnf17Emma TROTT (Dhb Dream Team)
dnf19Joanne Tralaggan (Dhb Dream Team)
dnf29Jeannie KUHAJEK (Vanderkitten)
dnf36Brittany Lindores (Bicycle Superstore)
dnf37Carley MCKAY (Bicycle Superstore)
dnf38Clare Dallat (Bicycle Superstore)
dnf42Kate Finegan (Specialized Securitor)
dnf46Beth DURYEA (Total Rush/Hyster Racing)
dnf47Emma Viotto (Total Rush/Hyster Racing)
dnf48Chloe McIntosh (Total Rush/Hyster Racing)
dnf49Chloe BAGGS (Total Rush/Hyster Racing)
dnf50Kelly BARTLETT (Total Rush/Hyster Racing)
dnf51Melina BERNECKER
dnf52Claire TREMBATH
dnf53Angela SMITH
dnf54Julia KALOTAS
dnf55Marissa MADDEN (Roxsolt)
dnf56Megan Bagworth
dnf58Lauretta Hanson
dnf66Shannon Malseed
dns23Shara GILLOW (Jayco National Team)
dns40Rebecca Heath (Bicycle Superstore)
dns62Rochelle GILMORE
  • Number of starters: 55
  • Riders abandoning the race: 24

Intermediate Sprints

Intermediate Sprint 1

1.43Lizzie WILLIAMS3pt
2.11Giorgia BRONZINI (Wiggle Honda)2
3.15Linda VILLUMSEN (Wiggle Honda)1

Intermediate Sprint 2

1.11Giorgia BRONZINI (Wiggle Honda)3pt
2.43Lizzie WILLIAMS2
3.22Gracie ELVIN (Jayco National Team)1

General Classification

After Stage 1

1.11Giorgia BRONZINI (Wiggle Honda)12pt
2.1Annette EDMONDSON (Orica-AIS)10
3.45Tiffany CROMWELL (Specialized Securitor)8
4.32Chloe HOSKING (Roxsolt)7
5.22Gracie ELVIN (Jayco National Team)6
6.43Lizzie WILLIAMS5
7.26Sophie WILLIAMSON (Vanderkitten)4
8.39Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)3
9.15Linda VILLUMSEN (Wiggle Honda)2
10.33Lauren KITCHEN (Roxsolt)1

Sprint Ace Competition

After Stage 1

1.11Giorgia BRONZINI (Wiggle Honda)5pt
2.43Lizzie WILLIAMS5
3.22Gracie ELVIN (Jayco National Team)1
4.15Linda VILLUMSEN (Wiggle Honda)1

Teams Classification

After Stage 1

1.Wiggle Honda14pt
4.Specialized Securitor8
5.Jayco National Team6
7.Bicycle Superstore3

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