2014 CA Masters Road National Championships: MMAS4, 6/WMAS1-3 Road Race Results

2014 CA Masters Road National Championships Road Race


  • Date: Sunday, October 5
  • Buninyoung , VIC
  • Chief Commissaire: Garry House
  • Organiser: Cycling Victoria

Provisional Result: Masters Men 4

Departs at 8:30am (3 laps, 81km)

1.289Harry HANLEY (VIC)2h10:03
2.312Danny KAH (VIC)+0
3.298Tim JAMIESON (VIC)+0
4.281Wayne SANCHEZ (NSW)+0
5.265Jon LEIGHTON (NSW)+0
6.286John PEPPARD (NSW)+0
7.301Matthew SPEED (VIC)+0
8.306Dominic O’LOUGHLIN (VIC)+0
9.285Fraser SHORT (VIC)+0
10.290Simon KNOWLES (VIC)+0
11.257Colin ROSE (WA)+0
12.279Neville LAFFY (VIC)+0
13.303Brendan BYATT (ACT)+0
14.256Anthony COLLIS (WA)+0
15.253Paul ANDREWS (QLD)+0
16.252Simon MEYER (QLD)+0
17.269Dean Heathcote (VIC)+0
18.272Chris GLASBY (WA)+0
19.292Andrew SEEN (VIC)+0
20.287Daniel ABOTOMEY (VIC)+0
21.259Peter DENNIS (VIC)+0
22.280Andrew GIBBS (VIC)+0
23.262Paul CUMMINGS (VIC)+0
24.250Michael NEWELL (QLD)+0
25.271Nick GATLAND (NSW)+0
26.302Michael KRAUSE (VIC)+0
27.313William AYRES (QLD)+0
28.276Ciaran JONES (VIC)+3
29.309David STURT (VIC)+3
30.296Liam MCCRORY (VIC)+3
31.284David Tozer (VIC)+12
32.293Andrew STEVENSON (NSW)+2:59
33.255Andrew WELLS (TAS)+3:00
34.266Stephen BICK (VIC)+3:00
35.295Colin AITKEN (VIC)+3:03
36.283Darryl PATZEL (SA)+3:31
37.274Trevor GORDON (QLD)+3:33
38.307Shawn POWER (VIC)+3:33
39.273Matthew JENKIN (QLD)+3:33
40.435Alan ADAMS (VIC)+4:26
41.299Hubert VAN DALEN (NSW)+4:26
42.310Tavis BAKER (VIC)+4:26
43.258Michal TRNKA (VIC)+4:26
44.440Rob HACKER (NSW)+4:26
45.288Simon WHITFORD (VIC)+4:29
46.277Vaughan WEBBER (VIC)+6:50
47.282Garry WISHART (VIC)+6:50
48.304Will MCLAREN (NSW)+6:50
49.305Andrew GIOVANETTI (NSW)+11:23
50.308David RICHARDS (VIC)+11:23
51.291Michael ONG (NSW)+11:23
52.314Charles STEBBING (VIC)+11:29
53.294Jonathan LACEY (VIC)+21:59
54.300Andrew BALMAIN (VIC)+21:59
dnf254Steven HART (TAS)
dnf270Adam ROBINSON (QLD)
dnf275Justin MCMULLEN (TAS)
dnf297Jay HEATHER (VIC)
dnf311Shane BUTLER (VIC)
dns251Craig HOBART (NSW)
dns260Adam GILBERT (NSW)
dns278Iain CLARK (VIC)
  • Average speed of THE WINNER: 37.4 km/h
  • Number of starters: 59
  • Riders abandoning the race: 5

Provisional Result: Masters Men 6

Departs at 8:40am (2 laps, 54km)

1.406Gerard DONNELLY (VIC)1h27:54
2.417Agostino GIRAMONDO (VIC)+0
3.405Mark WINDSOR (NSW)+0
4.412Tony ROSS (VIC)+2
5.398Peter RITCHIE (NSW)+2
6.426David CLARKE (VIC)+1:09
7.421Trevor COULTER (VIC)+2:18
8.404Stephen DAWKINS (NSW)+2:43
9.414Brett LINDSTROM (VIC)+2:43
10.397James TIMMER-ARENDS (VIC)+2:43
11.400Frank DONNELLY (VIC)+2:43
12.401John ATKINS (QLD)+6:56
13.420Mark CUMMINGS (VIC)+7:12
14.418Dominique RIDEAUX (NSW)+7:12
15.425Ed GARNETT (ACT)+7:12
16.409Arch DAVIS (QLD)+9:17
17.427Andrew DICK (VIC)+10:29
18.419John MCENIERY (QLD)+10:29
19.416Paul RETTKE (VIC)+10:29
20.413Stephen FROOME (QLD)+10:29
21.422Laurie PALTRIDGE (VIC)+10:46
22.403Peter QUIBELL (VIC)+10:46
23.408Peter MCCLELLAND (VIC)+14:10
24.428Greg WALKER (VIC)+14:10
dnf402Norbert GEROLD (NSW)
dnf415Trevor HYDE (NSW)
dns399Neil MATTHEWS (NSW)
dns410Warren BIGGS (QLD)
dns411Rob AMOS (VIC)
dns423Barry HOWDEN (VIC)
dns424Norman RYDGE (NSW)
  • Average speed of the winner: 36.9 km/h
  • Number of starters: 26
  • Riders abandoning the race: 2

Provisional Result: Masters Women 1

Departs at 8:50am (3 laps, 81km)

1.3Alissa BYRON (SA)2h27:40
2.4Erin KINNEALY (WA)+0
3.431Danielle GARDEN (NSW)+1
4.5Ania LIGAS (VIC)+1
5.2Veronica MICICH (VIC)+1
6.7Julia RUSSELL (QLD)+1
7.8Suzanne TERNEL (VIC)+26:01
dnf1Leanne DAVIES (SA)
dnf6Nicky ST. CLAIR (VIC)
dnf9Christina TENISWOOD (SA)
  • Average speed of the winner: 32.9 km/h
  • Number of starters: 10
  • Riders abandoning the race: 3

Provisional Result: Masters Women 2

Departs at 8:50am (3 laps, 81km)

1.430Catriona NEWELL (QLD)2h24:16
2.11Laurelea MOSS (QLD)+0
3.13Corissa SMITH (QLD)+3:25
4.21Justine BARROW (VIC)+3:25
5.20Dianne MCAULIFFE (WA)+3:25
6.16Nicole Whitburn (VIC)+12:02
7.17Nonie CARR (VIC)+12:02
8.19Kate JENKIN (QLD)+17:19
9.18Manuela MARASCO (VIC)+26:57
  • Average speed of the winner: 33.7 km/h
  • Number of starters: 9

Provisional Result: Masters Women 3

Departs at 8:50am (3 laps, 81km)

1.27Bridie O’DONNELL (VIC)2h23:06
2.35Jessica Toghill (QLD)+1:10
3.25Lisa HANLEY (VIC)+4:34
4.36Jane WALKER (QLD)+4:34
5.31Geraldine BLOMFIELD-BROWN (NSW)+4:35
6.40Carolyn FRASER (VIC)+4:35
7.28Samantha ABBOTT (VIC)+4:35
8.37Deborah HENNESSEY (NSW)+4:35
9.26Michele BLOFFWITCH (SA)+13:08
10.38Trudy STEVENSON (VIC)+20:37
11.29Kylie BAKER (QLD)+20:37
12.42Jenny KROMAR (VIC)+20:41
dnf32Faye GOODYEAR (QLD)
dnf34Kim STOKELD (NSW)
dnf41Jo READ (VIC)
dns30Eliza BERGIN (VIC)
dns33Melissa Robinson (WA)
dns39Josie Simpson (VIC)
  • Average speed of the winner: 34.0 km/h
  • Number of starters: 15
  • Riders abandoning the race: 3

Decisions of the commissaires panel

  • Riders 405 Mark WINDSOR (NSW) and 398 Peter RITCHIE (NSW) fined $50. Competitors must observe the local traffic laws and regulations as per Technical Regulation 3.8.02.

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