2014 CA Masters Road National Championships: MMAS7-10 Criterium Results

2014 CA Masters Road National Championships Criterium

Provisional Result: Masters Men 7-8

Start at 9:30am (30 mins + 2 laps)

1.318Gordon PATRICK (VIC)MMAS731:15
2.330Robert HADLEY (NSW)MMAS7+0
3.332Francois AUDIBERT (QLD)MMAS7+0
4.233Darrell WHEELER (NSW)MMAS8+0
5.333Neil SKILLEN (NSW)MMAS7+0
6.239Mario CARDOZO (VIC)MMAS8+0
7.331Kym HANSEN (NT)MMAS7+0
8.244Harry ROURKE (NSW)MMAS8+0
9.243Christian REQUIN (VIC)MMAS8+0
10.324Michael LAWSON (NSW)MMAS7+0
11.326Graham STAIT (NSW)MMAS7+0
12.319Ian LOVELL (NSW)MMAS7+0
13.235Malcolm SCOTT-LOGAN (NSW)MMAS8+2
14.328Richard STEWART (QLD)MMAS7+2
15.241Malcolm LYNN (NSW)MMAS8+2
16.334Bryan WALSH (VIC)MMAS7+2
17.329Guy FALLA (VIC)MMAS7+2
18.335Greg LANE (VIC)MMAS7+2
19.336Michael RENEHAN (VIC)MMAS7+2
20.238Thomas MUCKLE (NSW)MMAS8+2
21.245Bruce WILL (VIC)MMAS8+2
22.321James LAVIS (NSW)MMAS7+2
23.325Barry POLLOCK (SA)MMAS7+2
24.240David TICHY (SA)MMAS8+1:08
dnf340Peter GANSS (VIC)MMAS7
dns234Robert BRASZELL (VIC)MMAS8
dns237Daryl TRANTER (VIC)MMAS8
dns242Jeff SMITH (NSW)MMAS8
dns322Douglas REYNOLDS (VIC)MMAS7
dns327Paul MCKAY (NSW)MMAS7
  • Number of starters: 25
  • Riders abandoning the race: 1

Provisional Result: Masters Men 9-10

Start at 9:32am (30 mins + 2 laps)

1.154Glen ION (QLD)MMAS932:43
2.147Colin MACIVER (NSW)MMAS9+0
3.99Richard SPINKS (NSW)MMAS10+0
4.98William MCCONNELL (VIC)MMAS10+0
5.146Michael SALES (NSW)MMAS9+0
6.148Chass MATTERS (QLD)MMAS9+0
7.157Kenneth BONE (VIC)MMAS9+0
8.155Daniel IVES (VIC)MMAS9+0
9.153Jeffrey CULNANE (ACT)MMAS9+2:13
10.100Bob WILLIS (NSW)MMAS10+2:13
11.101Barry ROBINS (NSW)MMAS10+3:01
dns145Kerry RYAN (VIC)MMAS9
dns150Hugh GRAY (NSW)MMAS9
dns152Bernard GREALY (VIC)MMAS9
  • Number of starters: 11

Decisions of the commissaires panel

  • 148 Chass MATTERS fined $50 for ID number or frame plate invisible or unrecognisable as per Technical Regulation 3.3

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