2014 Grafton to Inverell: Full Results

2014 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic McDonalds A Grade Subaru NRS


1.56Sean LAKE (AWS)6h40:26
2.33Oliver Kent-Spark (STR)+31
3.28Kristian Juel (BFL)+31
4.18Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)+31
5.124Jordan Davies+31
6.66Edward White (GPM)+1:59
7.94Hamish SCHREURS (SLB)+4:31
8.45Benjamin HILL (CHM)+4:33
9.65Chris Jory (GPM)+4:33
10.22Samuel Horgan (BFL)+4:33
11.13Ben Dyball (ART)+4:38
12.95Darcy ELLERM-NORTON (SLB)+8:23
13.122Jay Dutton+8:23
14.61Ryan Thomas (GPM)+14:56
15.132David EDWARDS+14:56
16.93Josh ALDRIDGE (SLB)+14:56
17.74Nicholas Woods (DSR)+14:56
18.32Cameron Bayly (STR)+15:04
19.54James Rendall (AWS)+15:04
20.125Scott BOWDEN+15:04
21.21Timothy Roe (BFL)+15:04
22.15Mark O’BRIEN (ART)+15:04
23.136Andrew MACFARLANE+15:04
24.25Joshua Prete (BFL)+15:04
25.41Sam Crome (CHM)+15:04
26.112Michael Jaeger (PST)+15:04
27.72David Melville (DSR)+15:04
28.44Rowan Dever (CHM)+15:04
29.81Josh Berry (CRT)+15:04
30.27Michael Vink (BFL)+15:04
31.53Nathan Elliott (AWS)+15:04
32.14Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)+15:07
33.11Joseph Cooper (ART)+15:07
34.135Benjamin ALBANY+27:12
35.130Tom PATON+27:13
36.144Leslie MASTERS (TSD)+27:13
37.38Tim Guy (STR)+27:13
38.137Jay CALLAGHAN+27:13
39.101Craig Evers (PNX)+27:13
40.55Tyson CHAMBERS (AWS)+27:13
41.64Mark CRAWFORD (GPM)+27:13
42.24Tommy Nankervis (BFL)+27:13
43.133Thomas COATES+27:13
44.85Matthew SLEE (CRT)+27:13
45.34Stuart Smith (STR)+27:13
46.71James Szollosi (DSR)+27:13
47.36James Hepburn (STR)+27:13
48.97Keegan Aitchison (SLB)+27:13
49.83Aaron WATTS (CRT)+48:05
50.73Dylan Newbery (DSR)+48:05
51.131Ashley DAWSON+48:05
52.142Todd Buschkuehl (TSD)+48:05
53.129Mark JAMESION+48:05
54.96John PEPPARD (SLB)+48:05
55.123Anthony COLLINS+48:05
56.128William ANDERSSON+48:05
57.108Kelsey BOREHAM (PNX)+1h09:19
58.106Hayden Campbell (PNX)+1h09:19
59.88Greg Burgett (CRT)+1h25:19
60.107Andrew McCosker (PNX)+1h48:18
61.103Andrew PICKERING (PNX)+1h48:18
dsq92Saxon Irvine (SLB)
dnf12Brenton Jones (ART)
dnf16Tom Robinson (ART)
dnf17Aaron Donnelly (ART)
dnf23Alex Wohler (BFL)
dnf35Angus Tobin (STR)
dnf42Conor Murtagh (CHM)
dnf43Jake Magee (CHM)
dnf52Tyler Spurrell (AWS)
dnf62Daniel Bonello (GPM)
dnf63Caleb Jones (GPM)
dnf68Michael Troy (GPM)
dnf84Joel WALSH (CRT)
dnf86Kris Johnston (CRT)
dnf91Daniel MOLYNEUX (SLB)
dnf98Luke Davison (SLB)
dnf102Simon Dwyer (PNX)
dnf104Samuel MOORBY (PNX)
dnf105Nathan Booth (PNX)
dnf111Cameron PETERSON (PST)
dnf113Kane Macri (PST)
dnf114Mark Rowling (PST)
dnf121Jayden Copp
dnf126Alex QUIRK
dnf127Marcus CULEY
dnf134Shaun Baxter
dnf138Reuben Donati
dnf141Mitchell MULHERN (TSD)
dnf143Aden De Jager (TSD)
  • Average speed of the winner: 34.2 km/h
  • Number of starters: 90
  • Riders abandoning the race: 28

Scody King of the Mountain

Final Result

1.28Kristian Juel (BFL)12pt
2.56Sean LAKE (AWS)4
3.18Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)3
4.124Jordan Davies3
6.85Matthew SLEE (CRT)2
7.33Oliver Kent-Spark (STR)1
8.72David Melville (DSR)1
dnf92Saxon Irvine (SLB)3

Hill Climbs

Cattle Creek

1.92Saxon Irvine (SLB)3
3.72David Melville (DSR)1

Summit, Gibraltar Range

1.28Kristian Juel (BFL)6
2.56Sean LAKE (AWS)4
3.85Matthew SLEE (CRT)2
4.18Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)1

Waterloo Range

1.28Kristian Juel (BFL)3
2.18Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)2
3.124Jordan Davies1

Wire Gully Climb

1.28Kristian Juel (BFL)3
2.124Jordan Davies2
3.33Oliver Kent-Spark (STR)1

TopBuild Frame & Truss Sprint King

Final Result

1.66Edward White (GPM)8pt
2.124Jordan Davies5
3.28Kristian Juel (BFL)2
dnf62Daniel Bonello (GPM)3

Intermediate Sprints

Mann River Caravan Park

1.62Daniel Bonello (GPM)3
2.66Edward White (GPM)2
3.124Jordan Davies1

Glenn Innes

1.66Edward White (GPM)3
2.124Jordan Davies2
3.28Kristian Juel (BFL)1

Mindora Property

1.66Edward White (GPM)3
2.124Jordan Davies2
3.28Kristian Juel (BFL)1

Stage Awards

Active Paving & Landscaping Youngest Rider

142Todd Buschkuehl (TSD)

Teams Classification

1.BFLTeam Budget Forklifts(28, 22, 21)20h21:26
2.ARTAvanti Racing Team(18, 13, 15)+5
3.GPMGPM Stulz(66, 65, 61)+1:20
4.SLBSubaru Albion NRS Development Team(94, 95, 93)+7:42
5.AWSAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team(56, 54, 53)+10:00
6.CHMCharterMason Giant Racing(45, 41, 44)+14:33
7.STRhealth.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team(33, 32, 38)+22:40
8.DSRData#3 Symantec Racing Team(74, 72, 71)+37:05
9.CRTCellarbrations Racing Team(81, 85, 83)+1h10:14
10.PNXPhoenix Cycling Collective(101, 108, 106)+2h25:43

Decisions of the Commissaires Panel

  • Rider 54 James Rendall fined $100 for crossing double lines at km 124
  • Rider 92 Saxon Irvine disqualified for crossing double lines at km 189

NRS Teams Aggregate

2014 Final Result

1.ARTAvanti Racing Team222pt
2.BFLTeam Budget Forklifts145
3.STRhealth.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team122
4.CHMCharterMason Giant Racing112
5.SGRSatalyst Giant Racing Team87
6.AWSAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team78
7.DPCDrapac Professional Cycling53
8.WCVWormall Civil CCS51
9.GPMGPM Sultz22
10.VISJayco/John West/VIS20
11.DSRData#3 Symantec Racing Team17
12.TSDTeam Scody Downunder17
13.SASSASI Cycling Team17
14.CRTCellarbrations Racing Team16
15.SNDSubaru NSWIS Development Team13
16.SLBSubaru Albion NRS Development Team12
17.SUVSUVelo Racing11
18.SWCSwiss Wellness Cycling Team10
19.PVTPat’s Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team10
20.DCMBianchi DCM Arbitrage9
21.SKOSt. George Merida9
22.PGNTeam Polygon Australia8
23.SEITeam Seight6
24.PICParadice Investment Cycling Team5
25.ANPAnchor Point South Coast Cycling Team4
26.PNXPhoenix Cycling Collective4
27.PSTPeloton Sports/Turramurra Cyclery Racing3
28.CCWCroydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part3
29.DHRDH Racing2
30.TDATeam Direct Asia1
31.RKGRacing Kangaroos1
32.GDTGDT Racing1
32.HCTHall Cycle Training1
32.MCJTeam NeilPryde-Mens Club in Japan1
32.TSNTotal Sports NeilPryde Team1

NRS Aggregate

2014 Final Result

1.11Joseph Cooper (ART)68pt
2.21Timothy Roe (BFL)65
3.12Brenton Jones (ART)56
4.Jesse Kerrison (BFL)49
5.Patrick Bevin (STR)41
6.Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)41
7.Jack Haig (ART)34
8.13Ben Dyball (ART)33
9.14Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)26
10.15Mark O’BRIEN (ART)24
11.Wesley SULZBERGER (DPC)23
12.Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)21
13.18Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)20
14.Brodie Talbot (BFL)18
15.32Cameron Bayly (STR)17

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