2014 Tour of Gippsland Stage 5: Hill Climbs (Duncan Road CAT2 ) ? Results

2014 Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland Stage 5: Paynesville to Metung

  • Date: Saturday, September 6
  • Paynesville – Bairnsdale – Metung
  • Distance: 97.4 km
  • Chief Commissaire: David Danson
  • Organiser: Cycling Australia

Stage 5

Race in Progress

dns43Jackson Mawby (SGR)
dns151Matthew LEONARD (SEI)
  • Number of starters: 150

General Classification

Virtual Standings – Stage 5

1.12Timothy ROE (BFL)10h06:10
2.2Joseph Cooper (ART)+1
3.33Cameron Bayly (STR)+5
4.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)+8
5.101Ayden Toovey (SND)+11
6.41Patrick Shaw (SGR)+12
7.62Jayden Copp (WCV)+13
8.63Dylan Pierre-Humbert (WCV)+13
9.4Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)+13
10.53Rhys Gillett (AWS)+13

Lakes Oil Sprint Classification

Virtual Standings – Stage 5

1.11Jesse Kerrison (BFL)13pt
2.1Brenton Jones (ART)13
3.5Scott Law (ART)10
4.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)8
5.37Patrick Bevin (STR)6
6.2Joseph Cooper (ART)5
8.32Angus Tobin (STR)4
9.71Ryan Cavanagh (VIS)4
10.51Jeremy Cameron (AWS)3

Intermediate Sprints


1.1Brenton Jones (ART)3pt
2.5Scott Law (ART)2
3.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)1


1.37Patrick Bevin (STR)3pt
2.45Theodore Yates (SGR)2
3.1Brenton Jones (ART)1

Subaru King of the Mountains Classification

Virtual Standings – Stage 5

1.33Cameron Bayly (STR)22pt
2.12Timothy ROE (BFL)19
3.34Oliver Kent-Spark (STR)7
4.37Patrick Bevin (STR)7
5.2Joseph Cooper (ART)6
6.31Stuart Smith (STR)5
7.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)5
8.1Brenton Jones (ART)5
9.41Patrick Shaw (SGR)3
10.53Rhys Gillett (AWS)3

Hill Climbs

Duncan Road CAT2

1.12Timothy ROE (BFL)7pt
2.33Cameron Bayly (STR)5
3.2Joseph Cooper (ART)3
4.6Taylor Gunman (ART)1

Oliver’s Young Rider Classification

Virtual Standings – Stage 5

1.101Ayden Toovey (SND)10h06:21
2.121Oliver Martin (PGN)+14
3.11Jesse Kerrison (BFL)+21
4.28Jacob Restall (CHM)+37
5.71Ryan Cavanagh (VIS)+39
6.102Nathan Bradshaw (SND)+40
7.112Liam White (PVT)+40
8.158Jason Lowndes (SEI)+40
9.157Zane Hunter (SEI)+40
10.95Ben Comfort (TSD)+40

NRS Teams Aggregate

Virtual Standings

1.ARTAvanti Racing Team150pt
2.BFLTeam Budget Forklifts107
3.CHMCharterMason Giant Racing83
4.STRhealth.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team63
5.SGRSatalyst Giant Racing Team62
6.AWSAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team54
7.WCVWormall Civil CCS40
8.DPCDrapac Professional Cycling27
9.VISJayco/John West/VIS16
10.DSRData#3 Symantec Racing Team15
11.GPMGPM Sultz15
12.DCMBianchi DCM Arbitrage9
13.SUVSUVelo Racing9
14.TSDTeam Scody Downunder9
15.SNDSubaru NSWIS Development Team8
16.PVTPat’s Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team7
17.PGNTeam Polygon Australia7
18.SKOSt. George Merida6
19.SWCSwiss Wellness Cycling Team5
20.SEITeam Seight5
21.SLBSubaru Albion NRS Development Team4
22.SASSASI Cycling Team4
23.PICParadice Investment Cycling Team4
24.ANPAnchor Point South Coast Cycling Team3
25.CRTCellarbrations Racing Team3
26.PSTPeloton Sports/Turramurra Cyclery Racing2
27.CCWCroydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part2
28.PNXPhoenix Cycling Collective2
29.TDATeam Direct Asia1
30.RKGRacing Kangaroos1
31.DHRDH Racing1
32.GDTGDT Racing1
32.HCTHall Cycle Training1
32.MCJTeam NeilPryde-Mens Club in Japan1
32.TSNTotal Sports NeilPryde Team1

NRS Aggregate

Virtual Standings

1.1Brenton Jones (ART)56pt
2.11Jesse Kerrison (BFL)49
3.2Joseph Cooper (ART)47
4.12Timothy ROE (BFL)37
5.Jack Haig (ART)34
6.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)29
7.3Mark O’BRIEN (ART)22
8.Brodie Talbot (BFL)18
9.Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)17
10.Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)17
11.5Scott Law (ART)14
12.Wesley SULZBERGER (DPC)13
13.Alistair Donohoe (STR)13
14.41Patrick Shaw (SGR)12
15.4Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)10

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