2014 Tour of Tasmania: Stage 2 Blog: By Scott Bradburn, Cellarbrations Racing Team

Tour of Tasmania, Stage 2 By Scott Bradburn, Cellarbrations Racing Team 120km from Strathgordon to New Norfolk Unfortunately today the weather forecast was spot on and we had to contend with cold temperatures, rain and a brief period of hail. 10 minutes before the start it?s normal for everyone to be jostling for a better starting position but today the fight was to squeeze under a hut to avoid the rain and hail for as long as possible. It?s not often I wish to swap places with our DS but a warm seat and a coffee seemed like a good swap and I can?t say I really like coffee. For us though, it was thermal vests and raincoats and soon enough we were off. The attacks started from the flag, with the break forming after about 15km. Avanti quickly took control and threw 7 on the front and set a steady-to-increasingly-lively tempo for the next 100km. The pace wasn?t enough to cause too many issues but was more than enough to prevent further attacks. With the weather pretty woeful and the roads wet and a little dangerous most riders were pretty happy with how the stage turned out… Except maybe two of my team-mates. Our Danish import Andreas hadn?t ridden up or down a mountain in 8 months until this Tour and unfortunately lost contact on an early descent. He failed to get back on despite fighting for 100km to do so. Josh Berry also had some challenges with two wheel changes and a DS who left him to the wolves after one change. Turns out Rusty had an incorrect Comms request to help another rider but it was funny hearing Josh?s thoughts on it all when he returned to the pelo. They still love each other. The stage was won by Wes Sulzberger for Drapac who survived from the early break. This has brought Wes up to 6th in the GC which provides Drapac with another GC threat. This will make things a little more interesting in the coming stages. Finally, another quote which impressed over dinner last night: What is this on your pasta? Salmon? What is Salmon? (Andreas). ?Salmon is sort of like a fish.? Matt Slee, 2014.    

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