2014 U17 / U15 Road National Championships: U15 Girls Time Trial Results

2014 CA U17/U15 Road National Championships U15 Girls Time Trial

Provisional Result
1.190Claire WINTERBOURNE (QLD)?13:18.44??
2.196Emily WATTS (NSW)?13:55.83+37.3?
3.201Emily HARDCASTLE (QLD)?13:58.52+40.0?
4.192Lucy PARKIN (QLD)?13:59.35+40.9?
5.204Alana FIELD (VIC)?14:16.97+58.5?
6.194Ashlee JONES (NSW)?14:17.64+59.2?
7.191Sarah GIGANTE (VIC)?14:20.12+1:01.6?
8.205Lucie FITYUS (NSW)?14:37.24+1:18.8?
9.197Olivia WHEELER (SA)?14:42.82+1:24.3?
10.202Amelia MILES (ACT)?14:44.32+1:25.8?
11.199Kate VICKERS (NSW)?14:44.57+1:26.1?
12.198Anya LOUW (TAS)?14:46.20+1:27.7?
13.210Samantha NICHOLLS (ACT)?14:47.74+1:29.2?
14.200Georgia CUMMINGS (VIC)?14:54.15+1:35.7?
15.212Inighion QUINN (TAS)?14:59.41+1:40.9?
16.207Edie HALEY (VIC)?15:03.23+1:44.7?
17.208Claudia JACKSON (NSW)?15:05.40+1:46.9?
18.206Emma GREEN (QLD)?15:13.56+1:55.1?
19.195Alice CULLING (VIC)?15:19.72+2:01.2?
20.213Emily YEAMAN (NSW)?15:24.33+2:05.8?
21.211Alysha TORR (QLD)?15:41.40+2:22.9?
22.209Laura HODGES (WA)?15:46.93+2:28.4?
23.203Alexandra MARTIN-WALLACE (QLD)?18:39.26+5:20.8?
dns193Courtney PATTERSON (QLD)????
  • Average speed of the winner: 36.1 km/h
  • Number of starters: 23

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