2014 Victorian Interschools Cycling Series Individual Time Trial: Results

2014 Victorian Interschools Cycling Series Individual Time Trial Results

Result: Junior Female

6.6km (3 laps)

1.99Kobi MERCHANT (Somerville Primary School)11:18.4
2.101Susanna BATES (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)11:56.3+37.8
3.100Lilianne MCCLIMONT (Koonung Secondary College)11:58.0+39.5
4.103Sophie SUTTON (Benton Junior College)14:57.7+3:39.3
dns102Brooke MCCULLOUGH (Parkdale Primary School)
  • Average speed of the winner: 35.0 km/h
  • Number of starters: 4

Result: Junior Male

6.6km (3 laps)

1.73Sam CLARKE (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)10:49.3
2.77Ethan MCDONELL (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)10:52.3+3.0
3.74Andrew RIGONI (Ivanhoe Grammar School)11:06.5+17.2
4.5Anakin WILLIAMS (Brighton Secondary College)11:20.5+31.2
5.72Ben FOSTER (St Bede’s)11:23.7+34.4
6.91Ben RAWLINGS (Woodleigh School)11:42.4+53.1
7.80Jonathan HANSFORD (Caulfield Grammar)11:55.5+1:06.2
8.84Rylan HALL (Berwick Grammar School)12:21.3+1:32.0
9.95Edward HANRAHAN (St Kevin’s College)12:27.8+1:38.5
10.86Jack CORNIPS (Caulfield Grammar)12:34.7+1:45.4
11.96Ollie BIERMANN (Scotch College)12:40.3+1:51.0
12.82James SAMPSON (Caulfield Grammar)12:52.5+2:03.2
13.89Tom BAILEY (St Kevin’s College)12:52.6+2:03.3
14.87Andrew PAGLIARO (St Kevin’s College)13:02.5+2:13.2
15.88Damien FREIHOFER (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)13:04.1+2:14.7
16.75Jordan MCDONELL (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)13:06.1+2:16.8
17.78Darcy BURKE (Caulfield Grammar)13:06.9+2:17.6
18.83Hugh PENTLAND (St Kevin’s College)13:13.9+2:24.6
19.81Angus VANDER (Yarraville West Primary School)13:19.9+2:30.6
20.90Nicholas HOGAN (Caulfield Grammar)13:45.7+2:56.4
21.93Mark HAPKE (Koonung Secondary College)13:46.5+2:57.2
22.85Finley EDMONDS (Scotch College)13:53.0+3:03.7
23.98Kipling EDMONDS (Scotch College)14:13.0+3:23.6
24.94William FLEMING (Caulfield Grammar)14:34.4+3:45.1
25.97Miller MARKS-BOULTON (Berwick Grammar School)15:22.7+4:33.4
26.92William LORD (Caulfield Grammar)15:25.8+4:36.5
dns76Joaquin CROSS (Scotch College)
dns79Daniel DA SILVA (St Joseph’s Primry School)
  • Average speed of the winner: 36.6 km/h
  • Number of starters: 26

Result: Senior Female

11.0km (5 laps)

1.65Chloe BAGGS (Home Schooled)17:46.9
2.66Olivia WESTON (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)18:59.5+1:12.6
3.71Tamzin HALL (Caulfield Grammar)20:27.2+2:40.2
4.40Sarah MCCLARY (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)21:26.4+3:39.5
5.68Elise HUTCHINSON (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)22:08.3+4:21.4
6.70Nicole MCCLARY (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)22:23.4+4:36.5
7.69Scarlett MARKS-BOULTON (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)23:13.8+5:26.8
dns67Madison FITZGERALD (Koonung Secondary College)
  • Average speed of the winner: 37.1 km/h
  • Number of starters: 7

Result: Senior Male

11.0km (5 laps)

1.17Maccie CARTER (Scotch College)15:14.6
2.1Riley HART (The King David School)15:32.5+17.8
3.2Alastair CHRISTIE-JOHNSTON (Scotch College)15:48.0+33.3
4.16Hamish WEBBER (Camberwell Grammar)16:19.1+1:04.4
5.20Carter TURNBULL (Alphington Grammar School)16:19.4+1:04.7
6.3David WILLIAMS (Brighton Secondary College)16:24.0+1:09.3
7.18Kristian MEADE (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)16:40.1+1:25.4
8.13Sam BASCOMBE (St Kevin’s College)16:43.6+1:28.9
9.9Tom HAYNE (Scotch College)16:44.0+1:29.3
10.4Lachlan CLARKE (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)16:52.1+1:37.4
11.11Austin TIMMINS (Newhaven College)16:54.3+1:39.6
12.6Charlie BARBER (Scotch College)17:12.4+1:57.7
13.8Harry KENNEWELL (Berwick Grammar School)17:22.4+2:07.7
14.45Campbell EDMONDS (Melbourne Grammar School)17:23.4+2:08.7
15.25David SOMERS (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)17:31.3+2:16.6
16.15Max TERLATO (St Margarets & Berwick Grammar)17:33.1+2:18.4
17.59Daniel LETTY (Caulfield Grammar)17:38.8+2:24.1
18.24Jensen PLOWRIGHT (Camberwell High School)17:42.2+2:27.5
19.55Harry MCCLIMONT (Koonung Secondary College)17:45.2+2:30.5
20.7Angus MENNEN (Brighton Secondary College)17:51.8+2:37.1
21.27Will ANDERSON (Scotch College)17:54.2+2:39.5
22.26Matthew GREY (Berwick Grammar School)17:55.0+2:40.4
23.21Max BLACKWOOD (Berwick Grammar School)18:04.3+2:49.6
24.61Liam HAPKE (Koonung Secondary College)18:15.0+3:00.4
25.30James LIGHTFOOT (Scotch College)18:23.8+3:09.1
26.58Lachlan PRESHAW (Koonung Secondary College)18:29.4+3:14.7
27.37Henry YATES (St Kevin’s College)18:36.4+3:21.7
28.34Peter THORN (Camberwell Grammar)18:58.7+3:44.0
29.12Harry STURT (Brighton Secondary Collage)19:02.5+3:47.8
30.52Tom BUFARDECI (St Kevin’s College)19:04.9+3:50.2
31.51Lucas MIRTSIOS (Camberwell Grammar)19:11.9+3:57.2
32.23Benjamin TAM (Glen Waverley Secondary College)19:16.1+4:01.4
33.49Alastair HASLAM (Camberwell Grammar)19:17.7+4:03.0
34.63Tom FAIRHILL (Caulfield Grammar)19:29.2+4:14.5
35.10Nicholas LIEW (Camberwell Grammar)19:31.4+4:16.7
36.53Jesse BROWN (Caulfield Grammar)19:40.5+4:25.8
37.29Julian GUINANE (St Kevin’s College)19:48.4+4:33.7
38.32James EVERARD (Camberwell Grammar)19:58.9+4:44.2
39.39Matthew ANGHIE (St Kevin’s College)20:00.2+4:45.5
40.35Chris PANE (St Kevin’s College)20:08.4+4:53.7
41.54Murray FAHEY (St Kevin’s College)20:11.6+4:57.0
42.50Ethan HANLEY (Caulfield Grammar)20:12.1+4:57.4
43.31Max BUFARDECI (St Kevin’s College)20:16.7+5:02.0
44.44Luke PIGGOTT (Caulfield Grammar)20:32.1+5:17.4
45.47Xavier FANNING (St Kevin’s College)20:42.0+5:27.3
46.36Declan HOLLICK (Caulfield Grammar)20:43.5+5:28.8
47.43Michael SPONZA (St Kevin’s College)21:11.7+5:57.0
48.19Christian CHENE (Camberwell Grammar)21:16.7+6:02.0
49.41James ATTARD (St Kevin’s College)21:33.3+6:18.6
50.48Jordan DOELLING (Caulfield Grammar)21:37.3+6:22.6
51.56Ashley KRAKAUER (Caulfield Grammar)21:39.4+6:24.7
52.64Joshua PEARSE (Scotch College)21:47.7+6:33.0
53.33Andrew MILNE (St Kevin’s College)21:55.5+6:40.8
54.22Timothy EDNEY (Camberwell Grammar)22:05.8+6:51.1
55.60Tristan HOCKING-BROWN (Scotch College)23:33.7+8:19.0
56.42Daniel GRATION (Scotch College)24:54.6+9:39.9
dns14Thomas LOMBARDI (Camberwell Grammar)
dns28Oliver BOOTH (The Peninsula School)
dns38Charlie GLASSER (Caulfield Grammar)
dns46Terance HORE (Thornbury High School)
dns57Willam MOLONEY-MORTON (De La Salle)
dns62Will MONTAGU (Scotch College)
  • Average speed of the winner: 43.3 km/h
  • Number of starters: 56

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