2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Elite Men’s Criterium Results

2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Elite Men’s Criterium Results

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1.2Steele VON HOFF (VIC)1h01:17
2.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)+0
3.45Scott Sunderland (WA)+0
4.107Anthony Giacoppo (WA)+0
5.161Angus Tobin (NSW)+0
6.47Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC)+0
7.28Shannon Johnson (VIC)+0
8.29Brenton Jones (VIC)+0
9.113Benjamin HILL (ACT)+0
10.78Fabio CALABRIA (VIC)+4
11.38Malcolm Rudolph (QLD)+4
12.169Marc Williams (ACT)+4
13.95Dominik Dudkiewicz (VIC)+4
14.153Alexander Smyth (VIC)+4
15.109Stuart Grimsey (VIC)+4
16.117Cameron Ivory (NSW)+4
17.63Adam Allen (QLD)+4
18.154Tyler Spurrell (VIC)+4
19.34Ryan Macanally (QLD)+4
20.172Russell Gill (SA)+8
21.77James Butler (VIC)+8
22.25Leigh HOWARD (VIC)+8
23.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)+8
24.71Jonathan BOLTON (WA)+8
25.30Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC)+8
26.122Matthias KIERNAN (VIC)+8
27.157Joel Strachan (VIC)+8
28.165Kane Walker (VIC)+11
29.13Travis Meyer (WA)+11
30.171Samuel WITMITZ (VIC)+11
31.65Cameron Bayly (SA)+11
32.103Cameron FRASER (NSW)+11
33.115Craig Hutton (NSW)+11
34.168Edward White (NSW)+11
35.32Patrick Lane (VIC)+13
36.167Aaron WATTS (NSW)+18
37.155Chris STACK (SA)+26
38.149Rico Rogers (VIC)+31
39.75Graeme Brown (NSW)+31
40.6Michael ROGERS (ACT)+33
41.148Tom Robinson (TAS)+39
42.162Mark Tupalski (ACT)+41
43.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)+43
44.36Mark O’BRIEN (VIC)+54
45.160Joshua Taylor (NSW)+1:00
46.94Callan Douglas (VIC)+1:00
47.166Joel WALSH (NSW)+1:14
48.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)+1:17
49.40Stuart Shaw (ACT)+2:53
50.39Patrick Shaw (VIC)+3:27
51.44Aaron Donnelly (NSW)+3:29
52.120Kristian Juel (QLD)+3:31
dnf19Bernard Sulzberger (TAS)
dnf51Mitchell Mulhern (QLD)
dnf54Julian JACOBS (WA)
dnf68Josh Berry (NSW)
dnf80Ewyn CARTER (VIC)
dnf85Dane Crawford (NSW)
dnf92Luke Davison (SA)
dnf108Declan GREGORY (VIC)
dnf110Tim Guy (NSW)
dnf128Jake Magee (VIC)
dnf137Tommy Nankervis (VIC)
dnf139Luke Ockerby (TAS)
dnf158Jacob SUTHERLAND (VIC)
dnf174Glenn O’SHEA (SA)
dns43Wesley SULZBERGER (TAS)
dns101Luke Fetch (VIC)
dns135James MOWATT (VIC)
dns144Dylan Pierre-Humbert (WA)
  • Race time: 1h01:17
  • Average speed of the winner: 43.1 km/h
  • Number of starters: 66
  • Riders abandoning the race: 14

Decisions of the Commissaires Panel

  • Rider 25 Leigh HOWARD fined $50 for frame number altered (Annexure 9, Item 4)
  • Rider 169 Marc Williams fined $50 for frame number missing, requirement for event (Rule 3.3.03)

Intermediate Sprints

Lap 10 Sprint

1.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)3pt
2.65Cameron Bayly (SA)2
3.75Graeme Brown (NSW)1

Lap 20 Sprint

1.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)3pt
2.110Tim Guy (NSW)2
3.95Dominik Dudkiewicz (VIC)1

Lap 30 Sprint

1.44Aaron Donnelly (NSW)3pt
2.32Patrick Lane (VIC)2
3.113Benjamin HILL (ACT)1

Sprint Classification

Final Result

1.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)6pt
2.2Steele VON HOFF (VIC)3
3.44Aaron Donnelly (NSW)3
4.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)2
5.65Cameron Bayly (SA)2
6.32Patrick Lane (VIC)2
7.45Scott Sunderland (WA)1
8.113Benjamin HILL (ACT)1
9.95Dominik Dudkiewicz (VIC)1
10.75Graeme Brown (NSW)1
dnf110Tim Guy (NSW)2

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