2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Elite Men?s Road Race Full Results

2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Elite Men?s Road Race Full Results

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1.15Heinrich HAUSSLER (NSW)4h47:24
2.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)+0
3.47Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC)+0
4.9Campbell Flakemore (TAS)+0
5.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)+0
6.10Jack Bobridge (SA)+0
7.134Angus Morton (NSW)+9
8.14Adam HANSEN (QLD)+48
9.2Steele VON HOFF (VIC)+52
10.17Simon CLARKE (VIC)+52
11.3Cadel EVANS (VIC)+52
12.13Travis Meyer (WA)+52
13.42Jack Anderson (QLD)+52
14.65Cameron Bayly (SA)+52
15.8Luke DURBRIDGE (WA)+52
16.35Lachlan Norris (VIC)+52
17.30Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC)+52
18.96Nathan Earle (TAS)+52
19.86Jai Crawford (TAS)+52
20.24Zakkari DEMPSTER (VIC)+52
21.60Adam Phelan (ACT)+52
22.4Richie PORTE (TAS)+52
23.159David TANNER (VIC)+52
24.88Michael Crosbie (VIC)+52
25.36Mark O’BRIEN (VIC)+52
26.20Daniel MCCONNELL (VIC)+52
27.37Timothy Roe (SA)+52
28.52Peter MILOSTIC (NSW)+52
29.5Cameron MEYER (WA)+5:20
30.55Rhys Gillett (VIC)+5:20
31.1Michael HEPBURN (QLD)+5:20
32.50Ben Dyball (NSW)+5:20
33.32Patrick Lane (VIC)+5:20
34.12Darren Lapthorne (VIC)+5:20
35.133Lachlan MORTON (NSW)+5:20
36.126Joseph LEWIS (NSW)+1:09
37.16Mathew HAYMAN (ACT)+1:09
38.109Stuart Grimsey (VIC)+1:09
39.97Nathan Elliott (VIC)+2:38
40.120Kristian Juel (QLD)+2:38
41.48Jayden Copp (QLD)+4:21
42.170Chris WINN (VIC)+5:19
43.114Robbie Hucker (VIC)+5:19
44.6Michael ROGERS (ACT)+5:19
45.23Mitchell DOCKER (VIC)+5:19
46.118Brendan Johnston (NSW)+6:36
47.31Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)+6:36
48.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)+6:36
49.18Cameron WURF (TAS)+6:36
50.79Brendan Canty (VIC)+6:43
51.78Fabio CALABRIA (VIC)+9:13
52.75Graeme Brown (NSW)+9:13
53.26William CLARKE (TAS)+9:13
54.21Jordan Kerby (QLD)+9:13
55.19Bernard Sulzberger (TAS)+9:13
56.98Michael ENGLAND+9:13
57.148Tom Robinson (TAS)+9:13
dnf7Rohan DENNIS (SA)
dnf11Damien HOWSON (SA)
dnf27Allan IACUONE (VIC)
dnf28Shannon Johnson (VIC)
dnf29Brenton Jones (VIC)
dnf33Sean Lake (VIC)
dnf34Ryan Macanally (QLD)
dnf38Malcolm Rudolph (QLD)
dnf39Patrick Shaw (VIC)
dnf40Stuart Shaw (ACT)
dnf44Aaron Donnelly (NSW)
dnf45Scott Sunderland (WA)
dnf46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)
dnf49Nicholas SQUILLARI (VIC)
dnf51Mitchell Mulhern (QLD)
dnf54Julian JACOBS (WA)
dnf57Mark Fagg (VIC)
dnf59Craig Evers (NSW)
dnf61Brodie Talbot (NSW)
dnf63Adam Allen (QLD)
dnf64Kenneth BALLHAUSE (VIC)
dnf67Nick BENSLEY (VIC)
dnf68Josh Berry (NSW)
dnf70Andrew BLAIR (ACT)
dnf71Jonathan BOLTON (WA)
dnf72Frederick BONAIL (SA)
dnf73Matt Boys (VIC)
dnf74Kyle Bridgwood (QLD)
dnf77James Butler (VIC)
dnf81Peter CASEY (VIC)
dnf84Ryan COTTRELL (VIC)
dnf87Luke CRIDLAND (NSW)
dnf89Stephen CUNNINGHAM (SA)
dnf91Jordan Davies (NSW)
dnf92Luke Davison (SA)
dnf93Rowan Dever (VIC)
dnf94Callan Douglas (VIC)
dnf99David EVANS (NSW)
dnf101Luke Fetch (VIC)
dnf102Ali FOOT (TAS)
dnf103Cameron FRASER (NSW)
dnf104Dane Frey (WA)
dnf105Christopher FULLER (VIC)
dnf106Nick GATLAND (NSW)
dnf107Anthony Giacoppo (WA)
dnf108Declan GREGORY (VIC)
dnf110Tim Guy (NSW)
dnf111Brad HAMBLETT (NSW)
dnf112Ashley Hawker (VIC)
dnf113Benjamin HILL (ACT)
dnf115Craig Hutton (NSW)
dnf116Saxon Irvine (NSW)
dnf117Cameron Ivory (NSW)
dnf119Luke JONES (VIC)
dnf121Lucien KEENE (SA)
dnf122Matthias KIERNAN (VIC)
dnf125Matthew LEONARD (VIC)
dnf127Shaun LEWIS (NSW)
dnf128Jake Magee (VIC)
dnf129Liam MCCARTHY (QLD)
dnf130Cameron MCDONALD (VIC)
dnf131David MCLEAN (VIC)
dnf132David Melville (QLD)
dnf136David MUNRO (NSW)
dnf137Tommy Nankervis (VIC)
dnf140Christopher PAPASTAVROS (VIC)
dnf141David Parker (ACT)
dnf143Andrew PICKERING (NSW)
dnf144Dylan Pierre-Humbert (WA)
dnf145Joshua Prete (QLD)
dnf146Thomas RISCHMUELLER (SA)
dnf147Matthew RIZZUTO (ACT)
dnf150David RUGENDYKE (NSW)
dnf151Allan Satchell (VIC)
dnf152Stuart Smith (VIC)
dnf153Alexander Smyth (VIC)
dnf154Tyler Spurrell (VIC)
dnf155Chris STACK (SA)
dnf156Lauchlan STEWART (VIC)
dnf157Joel Strachan (VIC)
dnf160Joshua Taylor (NSW)
dnf161Angus Tobin (NSW)
dnf162Mark Tupalski (ACT)
dnf163Adam VERSTEEGE (VIC)
dnf165Kane Walker (VIC)
dnf166Joel WALSH (NSW)
dnf167Aaron WATTS (NSW)
dnf168Edward White (NSW)
dnf169Marc Williams (ACT)
dnf171Samuel WITMITZ (VIC)
dnf173Callum O’SULLIVAN (QLD)
dnf174Glenn O’SHEA (SA)
dns43Wesley SULZBERGER (TAS)
dns76Andrew BRYANT (VIC)
dns82Tyson Chambers (VIC)
dns90Michael Cupitt (QLD)
dns124Christopher LEE (VIC)
dns135James MOWATT (VIC)
dns139Luke Ockerby (TAS)
  • Race time: 4h47:24
  • Average speed of the winner: 38.3 km/h
  • Number of starters: 149
  • Riders abandoning the race: 92

Decisions of the Commissaires Panel

  • Rider 159 David TANNER fined $100 for urinating in the public view (Annexure 9, item 78).
  • BMC Team Car Driver & African Wildlife Safaris Driver fined $100 each for failure to respect instructions by race organiser or official (Annexure 9, item 28)
  • Rider 32 Patrick Lane, Heinrich HAUSSLER, 92 Luke Davison & manager Budget Forklifts fined $50 each for non-regular supply of refreshments (Annexure 9, item 24).
  • Rider 77 James Butler & 155 Chris STACK fined $100 each for unseemly behaviour (Annexure 9, item 29).

Jayco Sprint Competition

Final Result

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)4pt
2.15Heinrich HAUSSLER (NSW)3
4.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)2
5.32Patrick Lane (VIC)2
6.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2
7.47Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC)1
dnf160Joshua Taylor (NSW)1

Intermediate Sprints

Lap 6 Sprint

1.8Luke DURBRIDGE (WA)3pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2
3.26William CLARKE (TAS)1

Lap 12 Sprint

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)3pt
2.32Patrick Lane (VIC)2
3.160Joshua Taylor (NSW)1

Lap 18 Sprint (Race Finish)

1.15Heinrich HAUSSLER (NSW)3pt
2.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)2
3.47Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC)1

Subaru Mountain Competition

Final Result

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)12pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)11
3.79Brendan Canty (VIC)10
4.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)7
5.32Patrick Lane (VIC)5
6.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)5
8.10Jack Bobridge (SA)4
9.114Robbie Hucker (VIC)3
10.15Heinrich HAUSSLER (NSW)2
11.35Lachlan Norris (VIC)2
12.1Michael HEPBURN (QLD)2
13.16Mathew HAYMAN (ACT)2
14.55Rhys Gillett (VIC)2
15.9Campbell Flakemore (TAS)1
16.12Darren Lapthorne (VIC)1
17.23Mitchell DOCKER (VIC)1
18.31Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)1
19.21Jordan Kerby (QLD)1
dnf39Patrick Shaw (VIC)8
dnf46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)7
dnf11Damien HOWSON (SA)6
dnf33Sean Lake (VIC)3
dnf68Josh Berry (NSW)1

Hill Climbs

Lap 2 Climb

1.33Sean Lake (VIC)3pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2

Lap 3 Climb

1.39Patrick Shaw (VIC)3pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2
3.23Mitchell DOCKER (VIC)1

Lap 4 Climb

1.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)3pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2
3.55Rhys Gillett (VIC)1

Lap 5 Climb

1.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)3pt
2.39Patrick Shaw (VIC)2
3.55Rhys Gillett (VIC)1

Lap 6 Climb

1.79Brendan Canty (VIC)3pt
2.10Jack Bobridge (SA)2

Lap 7 Climb

1.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)3pt
2.35Lachlan Norris (VIC)2
3.39Patrick Shaw (VIC)1

Lap 8 Climb

1.79Brendan Canty (VIC)3pt
2.142Cameron PETERSON (NSW)2
3.68Josh Berry (NSW)1

Lap 9 Climb

1.8Luke DURBRIDGE (WA)3pt
2.79Brendan Canty (VIC)2
3.26William CLARKE (TAS)1

Lap 10 Climb

1.11Damien HOWSON (SA)3pt
2.15Heinrich HAUSSLER (NSW)2
3.46Paul van der Ploeg (VIC)1

Lap 11 Climb

1.11Damien HOWSON (SA)3pt
2.79Brendan Canty (VIC)2
3.9Campbell Flakemore (TAS)1

Lap 12 Climb

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)3pt
2.39Patrick Shaw (VIC)2
3.31Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)1

Lap 13 Climb

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)3pt
2.16Mathew HAYMAN (ACT)2
3.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)1

Lap 14 Climb

1.26William CLARKE (TAS)3pt
2.32Patrick Lane (VIC)2
3.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)1

Lap 15 Climb

1.32Patrick Lane (VIC)3pt
2.26William CLARKE (TAS)2
3.21Jordan Kerby (QLD)1

Lap 16 Climb

1.114Robbie Hucker (VIC)3pt
2.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)2
3.12Darren Lapthorne (VIC)1

Lap 17 Climb

1.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)3pt
2.1Michael HEPBURN (QLD)2
3.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)1

Lap 18 Climb

1.22Caleb Ewan (NSW)3pt
2.10Jack Bobridge (SA)2
3.41Samuel Spokes (NSW)1

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