2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: U23 Men?s Road Race Full Results

2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: U23 Men?s Road Race Full Results

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1.303Miles Scotson (SA)3h22:57
2.305Alex Edmondson (SA)+36
3.312Alistair Donohoe (VIC)+36
4.338Ryan Cavanagh (QLD)+36
5.408Nicholas SCHULTZ (QLD)+36
6.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)+36
7.399Freddy Ovett (VIC)+36
8.304Jack Haig (VIC)+36
9.301Robert POWER (WA)+36
10.307Jack Beckinsale (NSW)+36
11.343Mitchell Cooper (VIC)+36
12.318Angus Lyons (VIC)+36
13.311Jai Hindley (WA)+36
14.401Luke Parker (VIC)+1:08
15.302Harry Carpenter (SA)+1:08
16.319Jackson Mawby (WA)+1:08
17.325Nicholas Bien (VIC)+1:08
18.349Jay Dutton (NSW)+1:08
19.419Ryan Thomas (NSW)+1:08
20.323Harrison BAILEY (NSW)+1:08
21.368Tom Kaesler (SA)+1:08
22.374Jake Klajnblat (VIC)+1:08
23.320Mathew ROSS (VIC)+1:08
24.306Oscar Stevenson (VIC)+1:08
25.335Jeremy Cameron (VIC)+1:28
26.332Ben BRADLEY (TAS)+1:28
27.417George Tansley (SA)+1:58
28.315David Edwards (QLD)+3:26
29.354Justin Gassner (SA)+3:26
30.393Cyrus Monk (VIC)+3:26
31.388Nicholas MATTOCK (WA)+3:26
32.344Alistair Crameri (VIC)+3:26
33.416Dylan Sunderland (NSW)+3:26
34.411Matthew SLEE (QLD)+3:26
35.422Ayden Toovey (NSW)+3:26
36.317Chris Hamilton (VIC)+3:26
37.433Sam Crome (VIC)+3:26
38.356Nicholas GRAHAM-DAWSON (WA)+6:44
39.345Jack CUMMINGS (VIC)+6:44
40.309Ben O’CONNOR (WA)+7:12
41.370Nicholas Katsonis (VIC)+7:42
42.363Samuel Hill (NSW)+8:58
43.377Jacob LANGHAM (TAS)+9:16
44.371Mark Kelly (VIC)+9:16
45.350Paul EDELSTEIN (NSW)+9:16
46.394Drew MOREY (VIC)+9:16
47.429Harrison WILES (NSW)+9:16
48.400James PANE (VIC)+9:16
49.346James Cummings (VIC)+9:16
50.386Oliver Martin (TAS)+9:16
51.367Zane Hunter (VIC)+9:16
dnf308Shaun O’CALLAGHAN (VIC)
dnf310Callum Scotson (SA)
dnf316Lachlan GLASSPOOL (SA)
dnf322Taylor ANSTEE (VIC)
dnf324Declan Baker (NSW)
dnf327Anthony BOGIATZIS (ACT)
dnf328Nathan Booth (ACT)
dnf329Stefan BOS (VIC)
dnf330Scott Bowden (TAS)
dnf331Aidan BOWE (VIC)
dnf333Simon BURCHELL (VIC)
dnf334Camden Bush (VIC)
dnf336Ben Carman (QLD)
dnf337Harrison CARTER (NSW)
dnf339Carsten CHAPMAN (NSW)
dnf340Tom Chapman (SA)
dnf341Alexander CLEMENTS (TAS)
dnf342Ben Comfort (ACT)
dnf347Wilbur DERHAM (VIC)
dnf348Peter DUNLOP (QLD)
dnf351Gerald EVANS (TAS)
dnf352Jesse Ewart (NSW)
dnf353David Fumpson (SA)
dnf355Scott GIGANTE (VIC)
dnf357Benjamin GREEN (NSW)
dnf358Laurent GROOM (NSW)
dnf359Alex Grunke (QLD)
dnf360Chris Harper (SA)
dnf361Bradley HEFFERNAN (NSW)
dnf362Joseph HIGGINSON (SA)
dnf364Zander HITCHCOCK (VIC)
dnf365Lachlan Holliday (VIC)
dnf369Guy Kalma (WA)
dnf372Ryan KENNEDY (SA)
dnf373Jesse Kerrison (QLD)
dnf375Samuel LANE (VIC)
dnf376Matthew Lane (VIC)
dnf378Jack LAVIS (ACT)
dnf379Jason LEA (VIC)
dnf380Dylan Lindsey (VIC)
dnf381Adam LLOYD (NSW)
dnf382Wade Longworth (WA)
dnf383Jason Lowndes (VIC)
dnf384Dave MANTON (NSW)
dnf385Ben MARSHALL (ACT)
dnf387Leslie MASTERS (QLD)
dnf389Robert MCCARTHY (SA)
dnf390Nathan Mclaren (VIC)
dnf391Charly MCMILLAN (VIC)
dnf395Conor Murtagh (VIC)
dnf396Harrison MUSGRAVE (TAS)
dnf397Dylan Newbery (QLD)
dnf402Alexander PORTER (SA)
dnf403Aden REYNOLDS (NSW)
dnf404Michael Rice (ACT)
dnf405Reece Robinson (NSW)
dnf406Todd Satchell (VIC)
dnf407Daniel SCHEINER (NSW)
dnf409Timothy SELLAR (WA)
dnf410Patrick Sharpe (NSW)
dnf412Jordan Stannus (VIC)
dnf413Jonathan Stephens (SA)
dnf414Michael STRINGER (VIC)
dnf415Jake STUART (NSW)
dnf418Riley TERRENS (VIC)
dnf420Scott THOMPSON (NSW)
dnf421Kyle Thompson (VIC)
dnf423Ned VOLK (VIC)
dnf424Alexander WALKER (SA)
dnf425Tristan WARD (NSW)
dnf427Liam White (VIC)
dnf428Sean Whitfield (ACT)
dnf430Luke Williams (NSW)
dnf431Darcy Woolley (VIC)
dnf432Theodore Yates (WA)
dnf434Toby Orchard (NSW)
dns321William ANDERSSON (NSW)
dns426Connor WHITE (NSW)
  • Race time: 3h22:57
  • Average speed of the winner: 39.2 km/h
  • Number of starters: 128
  • Riders abandoning the race: 77

Jayco Sprint Competition

Final Result

1.303Miles Scotson (SA)3pt
2.417George Tansley (SA)3
3.305Alexander EDMONDSON (SA)2
4.315David Edwards (QLD)2
5.363Samuel Hill (NSW)2
6.312Alistair Donohoe (VIC)1
dnf379Jason LEA (VIC)3
dnf310Callum Scotson (SA)1
dnf402Alexander PORTER (SA)1

Intermediate Sprints

Lap 3 Sprint

1.379Jason LEA (VIC)3pt
2.363Samuel Hill (NSW)2
3.310Callum Scotson (SA)1

Lap 8 Sprint

1.417George Tansley (SA)3pt
2.315David Edwards (QLD)2
3.402Alexander PORTER (SA)1

Lap 13 Sprint (Race Finish)

1.303Miles Scotson (SA)3pt
2.305Alexander EDMONDSON (SA)2
3.312Alistair Donohoe (VIC)1

Subaru Mountain Competition

Final Result

1.363Samuel Hill (NSW)16pt
2.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)14
3.303Miles Scotson (SA)12
4.417George Tansley (SA)4
5.315David Edwards (QLD)4
6.388Nicholas MATTOCK (WA)2
7.309Ben O’CONNOR (WA)2
8.399Freddy Ovett (VIC)1
9.419Ryan Thomas (NSW)1
dnf310Callum Scotson (SA)6
dnf379Jason LEA (VIC)6
dnf330Scott Bowden (TAS)3
dnf383Jason Lowndes (VIC)1

Hill Climbs

Lap 2 Climb

1.330Scott Bowden (TAS)3pt
2.388Nicholas MATTOCK (WA)2
3.419Ryan Thomas (NSW)1

Lap 3 Climb

1.379Jason LEA (VIC)3pt
2.310Callum Scotson (SA)2
3.363Samuel Hill (NSW)1

Lap 4 Climb

1.310Callum Scotson (SA)3pt
2.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)2
3.363Samuel Hill (NSW)1

Lap 5 Climb

1.379Jason LEA (VIC)3pt
2.363Samuel Hill (NSW)2
3.383Jason Lowndes (VIC)1

Lap 6 Climb

1.363Samuel Hill (NSW)3pt
2.303Miles Scotson (SA)2
3.417George Tansley (SA)1

Lap 7 Climb

1.363Samuel Hill (NSW)3pt
2.309Ben O’CONNOR (WA)2
3.310Callum Scotson (SA)1

Lap 8 Climb

1.363Samuel Hill (NSW)3pt
2.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)2
3.315David Edwards (QLD)1

Lap 9 Climb

1.363Samuel Hill (NSW)3pt
2.315David Edwards (QLD)2
3.303Miles Scotson (SA)1

Lap 10 Climb

1.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)3pt
2.417George Tansley (SA)2
3.303Miles Scotson (SA)1

Lap 11 Climb

1.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)3pt
2.303Miles Scotson (SA)2
3.417George Tansley (SA)1

Lap 12 Climb

1.303Miles Scotson (SA)3pt
2.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)2
3.315David Edwards (QLD)1

Lap 13 Climb

1.303Miles Scotson (SA)3pt
2.313Daniel Fitter (QLD)2
3.399Freddy Ovett (VIC)1

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