2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Women’s Criterium Results

2015 Cycling Australia Road National Championships: Women’s Criterium Results

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1.212Kimberley Wells (ACT)52:14
2.216Peta Mullens (VIC)+0
3.209Lauren KITCHEN (NSW)+0
4.207Ruth Corset (QLD)+0
5.213Lizzie Williams (VIC)+0
6.457Shannon Malseed (VIC)W23+0
7.230Kendelle Hodges (VIC)+0
8.453Rebecca Mackey (WA)W23+0
9.459Tayla Evans (VIC)W23+0
10.259Nicole Moerig (QLD)+0
11.455Jessica Mundy (SA)W23+6
12.201Gracie ELVIN (ACT)+6
13.223Tessa Fabry (VIC)+6
14.220Rebecca Locke (VIC)+8
15.211Amanda SPRATT (NSW)+20
16.219Carlee TAYLOR (SA)+25
17.221Joanne HOGAN (VIC)+33
18.228Nicole Whitburn (VIC)+51
19.225Brittany Lindores (QLD)+1:24
dnf208Chloe HOSKING (ACT)
dnf217Jessie MACLEAN (ACT)
dnf224Lisa Jacobs (VIC)
dnf229Naomi Williams (VIC)
dnf240Elizabeth Doueal (VIC)
dnf244Kristy Glover (VIC)
dnf247Erin KINNEALY (WA)
dnf248Jessica LANE (VIC)
dnf250Stephanie LORD (NSW)
dnf254Chloe McIntosh (VIC)
dnf255Carley McKay (VIC)
dnf260Laurelea MOSS (QLD)
dnf261Minda Murray (VIC)
dnf263Prudence Rothwell (VIC)
dnf269Emma Viotto (ACT)
dnf270Rachel Ward (VIC)
dnf456Lauretta Hanson (VIC)W23
dnf460Julia Kalotas (WA)W23
dnf462Gina Ricardo (NSW)W23
dnf465Victoria SNIBSON (VIC)W23
dns203Sarah Roy (NSW)
dns253Marissa MADDEN (NSW)
dns467Maddison VIT (QLD)W23
  • Race time: 52:14
  • Average speed of the winner: 37.9 km/h
  • Number of starters: 39
  • Riders abandoning the race: 20

Intermediate Sprints

Lap 10 Sprint

1.216Peta Mullens (VIC)3pt
2.208Chloe HOSKING (ACT)2
3.260Laurelea MOSS (QLD)1

Lap 20 Sprint

1.213Lizzie Williams (VIC)3pt
2.230Kendelle Hodges (VIC)2
3.455Jessica Mundy (SA)1

Sprint Classification

Final Result

1.216Peta Mullens (VIC)5pt
2.212Kimberley Wells (ACT)3
3.213Lizzie Williams (VIC)3
4.230Kendelle Hodges (VIC)2
5.209Lauren KITCHEN (NSW)1
6.455Jessica Mundy (SA)1
dnf208Chloe HOSKING (ACT)2
dnf260Laurelea MOSS (QLD)1

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