2015 Madison National Championships – Live Coverage

Welcome to Peloton Cafe’s live coverage of the 2015 Madison National Championships and Austral Wheelrace. We’ll be updating all evening with news, results, videos and images from the racing here in Hisense Arena here, so make sure you check out our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels as well.? First up this evening we have the Junior Women’s Keirin Final. Courtney Field (VIC) has taken out the Junior Women’s Keirin as the Junior Men fall in behind the durney for their final. And Thomas McFarlance has completed a clean sweep for Victoria in the Junior Keirin, taking out the men’s race. The bronze and gold medal finals for the men’s and women’s sprints are currently underway.? Matthew Glaetzer (SA) and Peter Lewis (NSW) are currently one heat of three up in the competition for the gold and bronze medals, respectively. Anna Meares (SA) put in a classy performance to win her first heat for sprint gold, while Caitlin Ward (VIC) is one-up for bronze. The Men’s A-Grade Scratch race has just concluded, with Simon van Velthooven (NZ) taking out a spirited sprint after 15 laps ahead of Dan Fitter (QLD) and Leigh Howard (VIC).? The women have just taken to the track for their 12-lap scratch race. South Australian Olympian takes a comfortable win in the Women’s Scratch Race ahead of her appearance in the Madison later tonight. Back in the sprint finals, Glaetzer, Lewis, Meares and Ward have all won their second heats.? As the sprints are best of three, Glaetzer and Meares have secured gold medals and Lewis and Ward both take bronze, with Patrick Constable (SA) and Rikki Belder (SA) taking home silver.

Women's Sprint gold medallist Anna Meares
Women’s Sprint gold medallist Anna Meares
Women's Scratch Race winner Nettie Edmondson (SA)
Women’s Scratch Race winner Nettie Edmondson (SA)
16-year-old Brooke Tucker has just taken out the Women’s Austral Race in a tight sprint with crowd favourite Nettie Edmondson.? Newly-crowned 2015 omnium champion Ashlee Ankudinoff has finished in third.
Fourth-placed sprint finalist Shane Perkins (VIC)
Fourth-placed sprint finalist Shane Perkins (VIC)
The Men’s Austral Final is about to start. The men are now underway.? Olympian Glenn O’Shea and World Tour rider Jack Bobridge are starting from scratch tonight. Kiwi Zach Williams has taken out a fast-paced Men’s Austral Race, with NSW pair Cameron Scott and Nicholas Yallouris in second and third. The last of the keirin finals is just wrapping up.? Rikki Belder (SA) took a stunning victory over Anna Meares in the women’s final, while Shane Perkins and Matthew Glaetzer are expected to go head to head for the men’s in a few laps’ time. It’s Glaetzer who delivers, crossing the line in 10.56. We’re approaching the start for the women’s headline event, the Madison…off they go!
2015 Men's Austral winner Zach Williams
2015 Men’s Austral winner Zach Williams
2015 Women's Austral winner Brooke Tucker
2015 Women’s Austral winner Brooke Tucker
?After three sprints in the Women’s Madison, Nettie Edmondson and Jess Mundy for team SASI are leading on 11 points, with teams TIS and NSWIS tied for second on seven points.? A two-woman crash has taken out Jessie MacLean from team ACTAS and a rider from team Feel Good, but both riders are back on their feet and their bikes. Teams Cervelo and TIS have attacked.? Team SASI is sitting in third – and they’ve responded!? Edmondson has broken away! Georgia Baker from TIS has caught Edmondson.? They’re still away together at the bell lap for the fourth sprint. Edmondson leads Baker over the sprint and takes five more points – SASI now leads on 16 points to TIS’s 10. TIS are trying to take a lap to leapfrog SASI and take the lead, but the SASI pair are keeping the Tasmanians on a tight leash. Nettie Edmondson and Jess Mundy from SASI have just won back-to-back titles in? Australian Women’s Madison, with Macey Stewart and Georgia Baker of TIS a well-fought second place, and Imogen Jelbart and Ashlee Ankudinoff of NSWIS in third.
2015 Women's Madison Champions, Nettie Edmondson and Jess Mundy (SASI)
2015 Women’s Madison Champions, Nettie Edmondson and Jess Mundy (SASI)

Event 59: Women’s Madison

100 Laps – Result

1. 1 SASI 31:37.51 19 Pts
Annette EDMONDSON (SA) AUS19911212
Jessica MUNDY (SA) AUS19940925
2. 2 TIS 15
Macey STEWART (TAS) AUS19960116
Georgia BAKER (TAS) AUS19940921
3. 3 NSWIS 7
Imogen JELBART (NSW) AUS19940826
Ashlee ANKUDINOFF (NSW) AUS19900820
4. 5 CERVELO 6
Alexandra MANLY (SA) AUS19960228
Lauren PERRY (TAS) AUS19960329
5. 10 FEEL GOOD 4
Chloe MORAN (SA) AUS19981116
Lauretta HANSON (VIC) AUS19941029
Quinn CRAMER (QLD) AUS19830123
Brooke TUCKER (QLD) AUS19980424
Tayla EVANS (VIC) AUS19940331
Hayley JONES (QLD) GBR19950926
1 Lap Behind
Bridget MULLANY (NSW) AUS19970529
Nicola MACDONALD (NSW) AUS19980602
9. 7 ACTAS
Kimberly WELLS (ACT) AUS19850718
Jessie MACLEAN (ACT) AUS19851017
2 Laps Behind
10. 6 SEIGHT 2
Alexandria NICHOLLS (ACT) AUS19951102
Allison RICE (ACT) AUS19940324
3 Laps Behind
Nicole WHITBURN (VIC) AUS19780919
Grace PHANG (VIC) MAS19850913
Gabrielle BELZ (VIC) AUS19671115
Rebecca SUTHERLAND (VIC) AUS19770123
Sarah KNIGHTS (VIC) AUS19850913
Catherine GAUTHIER (VIC) AUS19891207

The men are now lining up for the final race of the night – the 2015 Men’s Madison championships. Race favourite Cameron Meyer earlier today:

He told us just before the start of the Madison that he still wasn’t sure where they were:

I don?t know if they?re in this building or somewhere out in Melbourne still. – Cameron Meyer

Jackson Law and Nick Yallouris of team NSWIS have gone out hard to take the first sprint, with Alex Edmondson and Miles Scotson of the National Team hard on their wheels. Both Law and Yallouris have been competing in the omnium over the past two days, as well as some of the races earlier this evening.

I?m starting to feel the effects of yesterday. The omnium – pretty draining over two days. – Jackson Law

It’s Law who powers ahead again for the second sprint.? The NSWIS team is a last-minute pairing after Law’s Madison partner and older brother, Scott, pulled out due to illness the day before the Omnium Championships:

When he came back from London from the World Cup [Scott] had a sore throat and it progressively got worse over the week. I?m riding with Nick now.?? We?ve done a few Madisons together and we make a pretty good team, and we?ll give it a crack in the sprints.

Youngster Dan Fitter from team QAS has gone off the front.? He’s switched with partner Callum Scotson. And the 18-year-old QAS pair have lapped the field! Jack Bobridge now moves to the front.? The Belkin rider is paired with fellow South Australian Glenn O’Shea. The NSWIS pair of Law and Yallouris and the Seight team, comprising German Achim Burkart and Austrian Andreas Graf, have also lapped the field. O’Shea from Belkin has gone and Alex Edmondson from the National Team is chasing. O’Shea and Edmondson are back in the field, but the attacks are coming more frequently now. Damien Howson (Team Baker IDI) has also been out the front lately. Howson and his teammate Martin Hacecky are still prominent as we count down the last 80 laps – the pair have taken out the sixth sprint of the race for another five points. World IP record holder Jack Bobridge and Olympian teammate Glenn O’Shea are half a lap up on the field and not slowing down! The Belkin pair of O’Shea and Bobridge have led teams TAC, Seight and QAS across the seventh sprint – and Bobridge has just clinched the deal by bridging the gap to lap the field, to resounding applause! Leigh Howard (TAC) has gone! It’s been almost three years since Howard and teammate Meyer have raced or even practiced a Madison – they last teamed up at the 2012 Track World Championships right here in Melbourne.

Little bit nervous, to say the least. We?ll see how it goes.? I?m sure as we get into the race we?ll get our feeling back and hopefully we?ll have a good one. – Cameron Meyer

It’s the NSWIS pair who have stepped up again for three more points at the second-last sprint – Jackson Law and Nick Yallouris are now leading on 22 points, eight points clear of the Belkin duo and a lap up on most of the field. Dan Fitter from team QAS is pelting around the track, about to take another lap of the field!? He’s just changed with partner Callum Scotson – the duo are just 18 years of age! One lap to go for Fitter – he won’t bridge for the lap, sadly, but the youngsters take a very respectable fourth place overall.? It’s Jackson Law and Nick Yallouris from NSWIS who become the new Madison champions!

2015 Men's Madison Champions, Jackson Law and Nicholas Yallouris (NSWIS)
2015 Men’s Madison Champions, Jackson Law and Nicholas Yallouris (NSWIS)

Event 60: Men’s Madison

200 Laps – Result

1. 6 NSWIS 53:39.61 23 Pts
Nicholas YALLOURIS (NSW) AUS19940224
Jackson LAW (NSW) AUS19930202
2. 2 BELKIN 19
Glenn O’SHEA (SA) AUS19890614
Jack BOBRIDGE (SA) AUS19890713
3. 4 SEIGHT 15
Achim BURKART (GER) GER19920630
Andreas GRAF (AUT) AUT19850807
4. 11 QAS 8
Callum SCOTSON (SA) AUS19960810
Dan FITTER (QLD) AUS19960619
1 Lap Behind
Alexander EDMONDSON (SA) AUS19931222
Miles SCOTSON (SA) AUS19940118
6. 17 BAKER IDI 10
Damien HOWSON (SA) AUS19920813
Martin HACECKY (CZE) CZE19880724
Leigh HOWARD (VIC) AUS19891018
Cameron MEYER (WA) AUS19880111
Sam WELSFORD (WA) AUS19960119
Rohan WIGHT (SA) AUS19970130
9. 15 MCL
Haydn BRADBURY (VIC) AUS19740924
Tyler SPURRELL (VIC) AUS19920914
2 Laps Behind
Christian GRASSMAN (GER) GER19810316
Marcel KALZ (GER) GER19870309
Regan GOUGH (NZL) NZL19961006
Luke MUDGWAY (NZL) NZL19960612
3 Laps Behind
12. 16 VIS 3
Jordan STANNUS (VIC) AUS19960516
Mathew ROSS (VIC) AUS19960319
4 Laps Behind
Danny CLARK (QLD) AUS19510830
George TANSLEY (SA) AUS19930814
5 Laps Behind
14. 12 SASI
Alexander PORTER (SA) AUS19960513
Joshua HARRISON (SA) AUS19950615
7 Laps Behind
Reece TUCKNOTT (WA) AUS19960515
Alex RENDELL (WA) AUS19971127

    Thanks for joining our coverage of the 2015 Madison National Championships from Hisense Arena in Melbourne.? Make sure to check out all the images on Instagram as well as the photo galleries on Facebook and the Peloton Cafe website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with everything cycling! Special thanks to jxpphotography and Con Chronis Photography for providing all of tonight’s images.

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