2015 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic: Elite Men Stage 3 Results

2015 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic: Elite Men Stage 3 Results

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Elite Men Stage 3 Result


1.1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEDGE)59:25
2.8Steele VON HOFF (Avanti Racing)+0
3.100Alexander EDMONDSON (SASI)+0
4.102Miles Scotson (SASI)+2
5.91Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)+2
6.18Aaron GATE (NZ National Team)+2
7.45Ian BIBBY (Chain Reaction)+2
8.54Keagan Girdlestone (CharterMason Giant Racing)+2
9.77Joseph LEWIS (Total Rush Hyster)+2
10.29Kristian HOUSE (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+2
11.42Lachlan MORTON (Chain Reaction)+2
12.10Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing)+2
13.2Cameron MEYER (Orica GreenEDGE)+2
14.7Jack Haig (Avanti Racing)+7
15.32Mike CUMMING (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+10
16.13Mark O’BRIEN (Avanti Racing)+21
17.41Jesse Kerrison (Chain Reaction)+23
18.31Harry TANFIELD (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+23
19.55Jayden Copp (CharterMason Giant Racing)+25
20.90Mark WILLIAMS (Data #3 Symantec Racing)+25
21.81Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)+25
22.36Dylan Sunderland (AMR Renault Racing)+25
23.75Dylan Pierre-Humbert (Wormall CCS)+27
24.99Harry Carpenter (SASI)+27
25.76Patrick Lane (Total Rush Hyster)+27
26.12Patrick Shaw (Avanti Racing)+30
27.84Jonathan Cantwell (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)+32
28.43Angus Morton (Chain Reaction)+34
29.33Tom MOSES (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+34
30.9Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Racing)+34
31.17Alex FRAME (NZ National Team)+1:31
dnf3Leigh HOWARD (Orica GreenEDGE)
dnf6Damien HOWSON (Orica GreenEDGE)
dnf16Pieter BULLING (NZ National Team)
dnf19Cameron Karwowski (NZ National Team)
dnf20Marc RYAN (NZ National Team)
dnf22Samuel WITMITZ (Team Budget Forklifts)
dnf23Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)
dnf25Josh Berry (Team Budget Forklifts)
dnf30Felix ENGLISH (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)
dnf34Ed LAVERACK (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)
dnf35Matthew SLEE (AMR Renault Racing)
dnf37Aaron WATTS (AMR Renault Racing)
dnf38Callan Douglas (AMR Renault Racing)
dnf39Cameron FRASER (AMR Renault Racing)
dnf44Lawrence CARPENTER (Chain Reaction)
dnf46Kyle Thompson (Chain Reaction)
dnf47Joshua Taylor (CharterMason Giant Racing)
dnf48Jake Magee (CharterMason Giant Racing)
dnf53David Edwards (CharterMason Giant Racing)
dnf57Stuart Shaw (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf58Alder MARTZ (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf59Michael Rice (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf60Angus Tobin (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf61Tim Guy (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf62Sam DOBBS (health.com.au-search2retain)
dnf63Jason Lowndes (Team Seight)
dnf64Jordan Stannus (Team Seight)
dnf65Zane Hunter (Team Seight)
dnf66Lachlan Holliday (Team Seight)
dnf68Liam MAGENNIS (Team Seight)
dnf69Evan HULL (Team Seight)
dnf70Jarryd Jones (Wormall CCS)
dnf71Samuel LANE (Wormall CCS)
dnf72Matthew Lane (Wormall CCS)
dnf73Dane Frey (Wormall CCS)
dnf74Russell Gill (Wormall CCS)
dnf78David Kelly (Total Rush Hyster)
dnf79Dominik Dudkiewicz (Total Rush Hyster)
dnf80James Cummings (Total Rush Hyster)
dnf85Chris WINN (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)
dnf86Cameron CLAMP (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)
dnf87Chris STACK (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)
dnf88Morgan Smith (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)
dnf92James MOWATT (Data #3 Symantec Racing)
dnf93Tyler Spurrell (Data #3 Symantec Racing)
dnf94Scott THOMAS (Data #3 Symantec Racing)
dnf95Ben Carman (Data #3 Symantec Racing)
dnf96George Tansley (SASI)
dnf97Robert MCCARTHY (SASI)
dnf98Tom Kaesler (SASI)
dnf105Alexander Smyth (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)
dnf106Toby Orchard (AMR Renault Racing)
dns24Tommy Nankervis (Team Budget Forklifts)
dns40Russell Menzies (AMR Renault Racing)
dns51Paul van der Ploeg (CharterMason Giant Racing)
  • Number of starters: 85
  • Riders abandoning the race: 52

Intermediate Sprints

Intermediate Sprint 1

1.49Benjamin HILL (CharterMason Giant Racing)3pt
2.63Jason Lowndes (Team Seight)2
3.93Tyler Spurrell (Data #3 Symantec Racing)1

Intermediate Sprint 2

1.102Miles Scotson (SASI)3pt
2.48Jake Magee (CharterMason Giant Racing)2
3.42Lachlan MORTON (Chain Reaction)1

Intermediate Sprint 3

1.49Benjamin HILL (CharterMason Giant Racing)3pt
2.18Aaron GATE (NZ National Team)2
3.91Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)1

General Classification


1.1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEDGE)36pt
2.21Greg HENDERSON (NZ National Team)13
3.45Ian BIBBY (Chain Reaction)12
4.91Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)11
5.77Joseph LEWIS (Total Rush Hyster)11
6.8Steele VON HOFF (Avanti Racing)10
7.5Mitchell DOCKER (Orica GreenEDGE)10
8.100Alexander EDMONDSON (SASI)8
9.83Roger KLUGE (Total Rush Hyster)8
10.102Miles Scotson (SASI)7

Sprint Ace Competition


1.49Benjamin HILL (CharterMason Giant Racing)12pt
2.18Aaron GATE (NZ National Team)6
3.102Miles Scotson (SASI)5
4.75Dylan Pierre-Humbert (Wormall CCS)4
5.1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEDGE)4
6.10Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing)3
7.81Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)3
8.21Greg HENDERSON (NZ National Team)3
9.91Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)3
10.3Leigh HOWARD (Orica GreenEDGE)2

Teams Classification


1.Orica GreenEDGE53pt
2.Total Rush Hyster26
3.NZ National Team18
4.Avanti Racing17
6.Chain Reaction12
7.Data #3 Symantec Racing11
8.JLT Condor p/b Mavic7
9.CharterMason Giant Racing6
10.Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League6

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