2015 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic: Teams Support Race Stage 1 Results

2015 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic: Teams Support Race, Stage 1 Results

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Support Men Stage 1 Result


1.14James Butler (Giant Hampton)44:52
2.65James Love+1
3.22Mathew ROSS (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)+16
4.45Lauchlan STEWART+37
5.68Aidan BOWE+37
6.36Luke MELLOR (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+37
7.3Ryan COTTRELL (Park Trent Properties)+37
8.92Luke AGGETT+1:09
9.57Lee BURCHELL+1:09
10.29Aaron ROSS (Physiohealth)+1:09
11.43Jarrod MORONI+1:30
12.28Matthias KIERNAN (Physiohealth)+1:30
13.97Kyle LIERICH+1:30
14.4Nicholas WHITE (Park Trent Properties)+1:30
15.37David MCCARTHY (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)+1:30
16.17Christopher Aitken (Paradice Investments)+1:30
17.55Adam LLOYD+1:30
dnf1Ewyn CARTER (Park Trent Properties)
dnf2Patrick BURT (Park Trent Properties)
dnf5Camden Bush (Park Trent Properties)
dnf6Pierce CONNOR (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf7Maccie CARTER (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf8Adam PAYKEL-SAMUEL (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf9Lachlan CLARKE (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf10Jayden COOPER (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf11Roeland SUYS (Giant Hampton)
dnf12Mitchell ALLEN (Giant Hampton)
dnf13Lewis RATTRAY (Giant Hampton)
dnf16Dane Crawford (Paradice Investments)
dnf18Ben MARSHALL (Paradice Investments)
dnf19Matthew Warner-Smith (Paradice Investments)
dnf20Carsten CHAPMAN (Paradice Investments)
dnf21James HENRY (Paradice Investments)
dnf24James TICKNER (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)
dnf25Ryan SCHILT (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)
dnf26Thomas MCDONALD (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)
dnf27Ben MAVRODIS (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)
dnf30Ashleigh KEY (Physiohealth)
dnf31Christopher FULLER (Physiohealth)
dnf32William KEY (Physiohealth)
dnf34Mitchell DEDMAN (Physiohealth)
dnf38Dante CARPENTER (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)
dnf39Joe MOSES (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)
dnf41Andrew PICKERING
dnf42Adrian COPELAND
dnf44Julian JACOBS
dnf46Benjamin ANDREWS (Park Trent Properties)
dnf47Jack BELL
dnf48Ethan BERENDS
dnf49Trey FREEMAN
dnf51Dylan THOMPSON (Kelly Cycling Coaching)
dnf52Taylor ANSTEE
dnf53Stefan BOS
dnf56Todd Satchell
dnf58Grant WEBSTER
dnf59Mark FERGUSON
dnf60Kenneth BALLHAUSE
dnf61Christopher DALAMAGAS
dnf62Dale WOONTON
dnf63David MCLEAN
dnf64David Woolsey
dnf66Samuel BARNDEN
dnf67Nathan BURRELL
dnf72Nicholas SIMPSON
dnf91Adam Trewin
dnf94Darryn BENN
dnf95Sam YOUNG
dns15Mathew GRAY (Giant Hampton)
dns50Indiana MICHEL
dns54Jason LEA
dns69Kyle Marwood
  • Number of starters: 68
  • Riders abandoning the race: 51

Intermediate Sprints

Intermediate Sprint 1

1.22Mathew ROSS (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)3pt
2.60Kenneth BALLHAUSE2
3.17Christopher Aitken (Paradice Investments)1

Intermediate Sprint 2

1.65James Love3pt
2.14James Butler (Giant Hampton)2
3.22Mathew ROSS (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)1

General Classification


1.14James Butler (Giant Hampton)12pt
2.65James Love10
3.22Mathew ROSS (VIS/Jayco/John West/Apollo)8
4.45Lauchlan STEWART7
5.68Aidan BOWE6
6.36Luke MELLOR (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)5
7.3Ryan COTTRELL (Park Trent Properties)4
8.92Luke AGGETT3
10.29Aaron ROSS (Physiohealth)1

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