2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, Day 1 – Live Coverage

Welcome to Peloton Cafe’s live coverage of Night 1 of the 2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships.? Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the action and join the discussion. Event 15 – Women’s Omnium 3km Individual Pursuit (Round 2) Orica-AIS’s Sarah Roy has just opened up the second event of the women’s omnium, the 3km individual pursuit. Sarah has kicked off the women’s 3km individual pursuit with a time of 3.52.730. False start for Sara Ferrara and Elissa Wundersitz next up as Finnish Ferrara takes a fall on the start line. Wundersitz has just gone straight over the top of Ferrara. Wundersitz goes through with a time of 3.44.089, bumping Sarah Roy from top spot. Allison Rice and Zoe Clayton are now out on the track. Rice has just comfortably overtaken Clayton, posting the fastest intermediate time. Allison Rice has finished in second position overall behind Elissa Wundersitz. Team pursuit teammates Alexandra Manly and Lauren Perry are now facing off the boards. Manly is in excellent form tonight, overtaking Perry with a few laps to go. Manly now sits in the hotseat for this event with a time of 3.34.112. It’s now Imogen Jelbart and Georgia Baker on the track. Georgia Baker has slotted herself in second place overall, +6.22 behind Alex Manly. Queenslanders Quinn Cramer and Sheridan Spark are now rolling around the Dunc Gray Velodrome. The pair are very evenly matched, keeping pace with each other as they pass two minutes. Cramer and Spark move into 6th and 7th on the IP, 0.19 apart. Macey Stewart and Emily McRedmond are now out on the track, keeping the pace high and close. Stewart moves into 3rd position behind Manly and Baker.? Ashlee Ankudinoff and Kimberley Wells will be last to start in a few moments for this event. Ankudinoff has passed Wells and left her well behind, finishing second in the IP.? Alex Manly takes the 40 points for the win in Round 2. Event 16 – Men’s Omnium 4km Individual Pursuit (Round 2) Due to some rider withdrawals, Reece Tucknott from WA opens the men’s 4k individual pursuit solo, riding against himself and the clock. Tucknott sets an opening time of 4.37.492 for the men’s 4k IP, with Alexander Morgan (VIC) and Callum Scotson (SA) up next. Scotson is chasing down Morgan fairly quickly. Callum Scotson has now passed Alex Morgan and is pulling away from the Victorian. Scotson and Morgan now sit 1-2 in the omnium IP rankings, with Tucknott in third.? Mitchell Mulhern and Joshua Harrison are the next pair on the track. Mitch Mulhern has a slight advantage over Josh Harrison as the two approach the 4-k mark. Sam Welsford, Alex Porter, Nick Yallouris and Alex Edmondson have now finished their laps as well, Edmondson lapping Yallouris soundly to slot into third behind M. Scotson and Welsford. Last up are Glenn O’Shea and Daniel Fitter. We now have images coming through from the events earlier this evening – below is Allison Rice in the women’s omnium IP.

2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, Women's Omnium Individual Pursuit - Allison Rice
2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, Women’s Omnium Individual Pursuit – Allison Rice
Dan Fitter has crept up on Glenn O’Shea to take fifth in the men’s omnium IP, leaving O’Shea in eighth. Miles Scotson takes the points on offer for the men’s omnium IP. 2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, Junior Men's Omnium Individual Pursuit Event 17 – U19 Women’s Omnium Elimination (Round 3) The junior women’s omnium field has started the elimination round of the competition.? First rider out is Alicia Buchanan from WA. Chloe Moran (SA) and Abigail Jenkinson (QLD) are amongst the most recent eliminees. Down to five riders now after five minutes. Hollee Simons (NSW) is out and three riders remain. The sprint is on between Danielle McKinnirey and Bridget Mullany – it’s victory to Mullany! Danielle McKinnirey leads the junior women’s omnium after three events, ahead of Brooke Tucker and Bridget Mullany. Event 18 – U19 Men’s Omnium Elimination (Round 3) Already a mechanical in the junior men’s elimination. Mechanical is back in the field and the race is on! Half a dozen riders including VIC and NSW have hit the deck – the race has been neutralised for now. The remaining riders in the junior men’s elimination have been pulled off the track for safety reasons while mechanicals from the crash are fixed. A 10-minute break has been called while medical and team staff sort out the crash and the riders regroup. An ambulance has been called for one of the riders, so the elimination race has been indefinitely suspended until the injured rider has left the track.
2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, U19 Men's Omnium Individual Pursuit - Sam Allen
2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, U19 Men’s Omnium Individual Pursuit – Sam Allen
?Victorian rider Ryan Schilt has been stretchered from the velodrome and the remaining riders are back on the track.? Once they form a peloton the race will resume. Three more riders are out of the junior men’s elimination race, including Jordan Louis (ACT). Most recently eliminated is Michael Storer (WA), who also crashed badly along with Ryan Schilt, but was able to resume the race. 9 riders remain – Harrison Baker (TAS) leads the bunch. And the sprint finish is down to Cameron Scott (NSW) and Chris Bryan (NSW) – Scott leads Bryan across the line by several bike lengths. Event 19 – Elite Women’s Omnium Elimination (Round 3) The women’s peloton has rolled off.? Sarah Roy is aggressively early. Roy has just become the fourth woman to be eliminated. Lauren Perry (TAS) has now been eliminated. The bunch is still together with seven riders left. Kimberley Wells (ACT) is out – and then there were five. Emily McRedmond takes fifth, Alexandra Manly takes fourth, Macey Stewart is third.? Ashlee Ankudinoff and Georgia Baker remain. Georgia Baker opens with sprint with one lap to go and holds off Ankudinoff for the win, adding 40 more points to her omnium total.? Elite Men’s Elimination starting shortly. Event 20 – Elite Men’s Omnium Elimination (Round 3) And the final event of the night, the elite men’s elimination, is now underway. A number of big names like Tirian McManus and Callum Scotson are already out of the race. Miles Scotson has been given a red flag by the commissaires and is out of the race.? Jackson Law is moving to the front. Jackson Law, Alex Edmondson and Glenn O’Shea remain. O’Shea is next to be eliminated. It’s down to Edmondson and Law. In a brilliant show of form, Alex Edmondson takes out the Elite Men’s Elimination with Glenn O’Shea in second. That concludes our live coverage of Day 1 of the 2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships.? Make sure you check out the Instagram pics and the upcoming Peloton Cafe gallery from tonight’s racing, and we’ll see you tomorrow evening for our live coverage of Day 2.

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