2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships, Day 2 ? Live Coverage

Welcome back to Night 2 of the 2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships. The fifth event of the evening, the U19 Women’s 20km Points race, is now underway at the Joe Ciavola Velodrome at the Darebin International Sports Centre here in Melbourne. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and here on Peloton Cafe for exclusive coverage throughout the evening. Event 44 – Women U19 Omnium 20km Points Race (Round 6) A group of four riders including Brooke Tucker, Nicola McDonald and Chloe Moran has just lapped the field, earning themselves 20 extra points. 47 laps to go – all riders are still together. The riders have just reached another sprint lap – coming down the back straight. Danielle McKinnirey takes the top points on offer. McKinnirey (SA) now sits just one point behind omnium overall leader Brooke Tucker (QLD). Hollee Simons (NSW) takes the points for the fifth sprint – 28 laps now remaining for the 11 riders. Jaime Gunning (QLD) has attacked! Already Gunning has almost half a lap on her competitors. She sits in 9th place overall, almost 60 points down on Brooke Tucker. McKinnirey and Tucker pick up the pace for the next sprint lap but don’t catch Gunning in time. McKinnirey takes second, which ties her with Tucker overall. Two sprint laps remain in this event, which is the last event in the omnium. A crash approaching the second-last sprint has landed a few riders on deck, including Danielle McKinnirey. The SA rider has missed the sprint but is back up and riding. Hollee Simons is off the front with Jaime Gunning in pursuit. Four laps remaining. After the last sprint, Tucker is three points ahead of McKinnirey. The peloton is bunching up and speeding up – two to go. Nicola McDonald has gone, but Tucker chases. McKinnirey gets up for second place, taking three points, tying with Tucker again! After the sixth and final round of the omnium, Danielle McKinnirey (SA) and Brooke Tucker (QLD) are tied on 200 points each. On countback, Danielle McKinnirey becomes the 2015 U19 Women’s Omnium Champion! The other rider injured in the last crash, New South Welshwoman Tori Saunders, is now being wheeled off the course by medical assistance. Event 45/46 – Para Men Tandem Sprint The ACT pair, with rider Paul Kennedy, are leading the SA pair, sitting high up the track. SA rider Tyson Cluse dives but ACT are already ahead. Kennedy and pilot Thomas Clarke are through to the gold medal round. Second heat #1 (best of three) – Brad Henderson (SA) and Max Bergmann (WA). The WA pair is leading and watching the SA duo closely. Three laps to go. The feinting continues – SA dives! SA still in front but WA trying to go over. One lap! Henderson and pilot Tom Drizners hold off Bergmann and pilot Chris Pratley for a spot in the gold medal final, up next. Second heat #2 – WA are keeping a reasonable pace as they watch the SA pair behind them. Henderson (SA) has gone over the top! Final lap! Henderson and Drizners have crossed first. Bergmann and Pratley now go into the bronze final. Event 47 – Men U19 Omnium 25km Points Race (Round 6) The U19 Men’s Omnium peloton is now off and rolling in their points race – 100 laps/25km. Rohan Wight (SA) currently has an 18-point lead over his nearest rival going into this final round of the omnium. And Wight has extended that lead by winning the first sprint – now 23 points. Wight is certainly taking a go-get-’em approach tonight, taking second place in the second sprint behind SA teammate Thomas Allford. Third sprint approaches – the peloton is strung right out. Chris Bryan (NSW) takes the five points for first across the line. Five riders are attempting to go off the front. Some of them are high up in the overall and the peloton is chasing them down. Three of the riders have made a second attempt and Rohan Wight has bridged across. They have about one-third of a lap. The four-man breakaway has lead across the fourth sprint, with Darcy Pirotta taking five points and Rohan Wight taking one. The peloton has now fractured and riders are being left all around the velodrome. Darcy Pirotta claims the fifth sprint as well and the peloton begins to regroup. Fierce competition for the sixth sprint -Alex Rendell (WA) outsprints Cameron Scott (NSW) for the points. More riders, including Victoria’s James Tickner and Adam Mitchell (NSW), have gone off the front, and some efforts at chase are being made. Another three riders have joined the now-seven-strong group. Sprint approaching. Tickner takes the sprint points. The seven have now been caught. Adam Mitchell won’t say die. He’s still off the front with Joshua Toovey (VIC) approaching the next sprint. Mitchell and Toovey take top points with two sprints left. With only 10 points up for grabs short of someone lapping the field, Rohan Wight‘s 24-point lead looks unassailable. Thomas McFarlane (VIC) makes Alex Rendell (WA) fight for the sprint on the line, but Rendell holds him off for five more points. Five laps to go. Who has the legs left? Tickner is off the front again, but the peloton approaches. Two laps left. The pace is going way up. Riders are strung out. Western Australia’s Alex Rendell put in a superhuman final lap, overtaking three riders in half a lap, to ride himself onto the omnium podium by winning the points race. Rohan Wight (SA) takes the 2015 U19 men’s omnium title. Event 50 – Women Omnium 25km Points Race (Round 6) The womens field has just rolled off for their final event in the points race – 25km/100 laps. Bell has gone for the first sprint – Alexandra Manly (SA) takes five points as she encroaches on Ashlee Ankudinoff‘s overall lead in the omnium. Second sprint goes to Elissa Wundersitz (WA), with third-placed Kimberley Wells, fourth-placed Georgia Baker and first-placed Ashlee Ankudinoff close behind. A few riders are trying to get off the front – Finland’s Sara Ferrara is currently out there solo. Ferrara is caught on the last corner before the next sprint and Ankudinoff and Allison Rice (ACT) take the points. Lauren Perry, Sheridan Spark and Elissa Wundersitz have just lapped the field. They each add 20 points to their score. Kimberley Wells (currently third) and Ashlee Ankudinoff (currently first) are both staying very much in the thick of things tonight. A few more riders look to be trying to lap the field. Alex Manly gives chase, Ankudinoff follows and Wells chases Ankudinoff. Rice, Baker and Wundersitz take the points at the sprint from their breakaway. Quinn Cramer has ridden out to join them as they try to stay away. A group of three chasers are after the Baker-Wunderstiz group, and a lone rider sits between the chasers and the peloton. The Baker-Wundersitz group can see the back of the peloton, but the chasers are gaining too. The Baker-Wundersitz group just made contact. 20 points each to Georgia Baker, Elissa Wundersitz, Allison Rice and Quinn Cramer. The chase group of three behind the Baker-Wundersitz group has now joined the peloton too. Emily McRedmond, Sheridan Spark and Lauren Perry takes another 20 points each. The peloton are sticking together for the moment, except for Elissa Wundersitz who has attacked again, possibly in the hopes of a THIRD lap of the field! Wundersitz has sat up after taking five points at the third-last sprint. Race leader Ashlee Ankudinoff has done a very fast lap of the field, extending her own lead by a further 20 points. Five laps to go. Ankudinoff has locked up gold but who will take silver and bronze? Wundersitz attacks – again! Manly and Spark give chase – the pace is on! Bell lap – Kimberley Wells goes for broke but Georgia Baker is on her like a shot! Wells takes it on the line – silver to Wells, bronze to Baker and 2015 omnium gold to Ashlee Ankudinoff! "_JXP1038" 2015 Women’s Omnium Champion Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW) Event 50: Women’s Omnium Round 6 Points Race – Result

1. 50 Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW) AUS19900820 33:54.47 231 Pts
2. 66 Kimberley Wells (ACT) AUS19850718 195
3. 51 Georgia Baker (TAS) AUS19940921 192
4. 58 Alexandra MANLY (SA) AUS19960228 183
5. 64 Sheridan SPARK (QLD) AUS19960322 171
6. 67 Elissa Wundersitz (WA) AUS19950902 168
7. 61 Lauren Perry (TAS) AUS19960329 167
8. 59 Emily McRedmond (WA) AUS19950726 166
9. 53 Quinn CRAMER (QLD) AUS19830123 160
10. 65 Macey Stewart (TAS) AUS19960116 152
11. 62 Allison Rice (ACT) AUS19940324 140
12. 56 Imogen Jelbart (NSW) AUS19940826 118
13. 63 Sarah Roy (NSW) AUS19860227 103
14. 55 Sara FERRARA (FIN) FIN19950724 70
dnf 52 Zoe CLAYTON (WA) AUS19961212 84

Event 53 – Men Omnium 40km Points Race (Round 6) Miles Scotson has opened the Men’s Omnium points race, taking out five points in the first of 16 sprints. The second sprint is a repeat of the first – Scotson, followed by Glenn O’Shea (SA). The speed is brisk but the peloton is fairly compact. A few attacks are now starting – Nick Yallouris has taken out the sprint this time around. Glenn O’Shea is currently about half a lap ahead of the field.? He sits in second place just 10 points behind overall leader Alex Edmondson. O’Shea has taken the five points in the fourth sprint to narrow Edmondson’s lead to five points as well. Edmondson is off the front with two other riders.? The trio are caught and Edmondson promptly follows another attacking duo. Edmondson, Miles Scotson and Mitchell Mulhern are just about to lap the field.? 20 points each and Edmondson’s lead is safe again, for the time being. Not content with 20 extra points, Scotson and Edmondson are second and third in the next sprint behind Sam Welsford. O’Shea is looking for the break to help pick up some points on Edmondson.? Jackson Law (NSW) goes on the attack and O’Shea bridges.? The two are working together with a quarter-lap advantage. O’Shea takes the five points at the next sprint, leaving Law three.? Law is in sixth place, but O’Shea is only short 25 points, sitting in second place. O’Shea and Law come back but Scotson is on the attack! Scotson is halfway to lapping the field, but his painface is on.? The bell goes for another sprint and Scotson takes five. Scotson is holding on but can’t quite find the legs to bridge the last little gap. Scotson is still sitting off the back of the field.? He’s hurting hard but won’t let go. Miles Scotson has now swung up and is waiting for the peloton, but he’s trying to hold off another lap for the sprint. Sprint to Miles Scotson.? O’Shea has gone again, but other groups have chased him done.? Peloton mostly together again. Race leader Alexander Edmondson has gone – again! And Edmondson has lapped the field – again! South Australian Edmondson, who turns 21 on Monday, is already a multiple world champion on the track at both juniors and elite levels. After completing two full laps of the field, Edmondson’s lead is now a virtually unassailable 50 points with 43 laps remaining. Now it’s Callum Scotson who’s off the front! Callum Scotson preceded the field across the 12th sprint point but is now back in the fold. All back together with 35 laps and four sprints remaining. Miles Scotson has caught his breath and gone again! The attacks are coming thick and fast but every rider is being marked now.? Scotson, O’Shea and Edmondson have managed to go clear with a fourth rider -? but they’ve just been caught. 14 laps to go.? The excitement and tension are becoming palpable here in the velodrome. Now Josh Harrison (SA) is off the front! The South Australians are attacking one after the other, and attacking each other.? The three current omnium leaders, Edmondson, O’Shea and Miles Scotson, are all South Australian. Two laps left.? The sprint has already started, judging by the pace. Jackson Law has come right around the outside to take a resounding win in the points race, but 20-year-old Alex Edmondson has become the Elite Men’s National Omnium Champion for the second year running! Presentations will be up shortly.

Event 53: Men’s Omnium Round 6 Points Race

1. 2 Alexander EDMONDSON (SA) AUS19931222 47:57.73 242 Pts
2. 12 Glenn O’SHEA (SA) AUS19890614 198
3. 15 Miles Scotson (SA) AUS19940118 185
4. 19 Nicholas YALLOURIS (NSW) AUS19940224 177
5. 18 Sam Welsford (WA) AUS19960119 172
6. 11 Mitchell MULHERN (QLD) AUS19910122 167
7. 7 Jackson LAW (NSW) AUS19930202 161
8. 4 Daniel Fitter (QLD) AUS19960619 156
9. 13 Alexander PORTER (SA) AUS19960513 142
10. 14 Callum Scotson (SA) AUS19960810 132
11. 5 Joshua HARRISON (SA) AUS19950615 122
12. 17 Reece TUCKNOTT (WA) AUS19960515 81
dnf 9 Tirian McManus (NSW) AUS19940318 95
dnf 6 Benjamin HARVEY (NSW) AUS19900612 92
dnf 10 Alexander MORGAN (VIC) AUS19940718 28
dnf 1 Ben ABELS (VIC) AUS19931221 -40
dnf 16 Scott Sunderland (WA) AUS19880316 -40

  Thanks again for joining us for this live Peloton Cafe coverage of the 2015 Omnium & Para-Cycling Track National Championships. This concludes the second and final night of the championships, but we will be offering an expanded coverage of the 2015 Madison National Championships live from Hisense Arena on Saturday from 6pm AEST. In the meantime, check out our Instagram coverage and web galleries, and we look forward to joining you again tomorrow!

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