2016 Bay Cycling Classic: Elite Women’s Stage 1 Photo Gallery

Peloton Cafe || 2015 Bay Cycling Classic Stage 1
Peloton Cafe || 2015 Bay Cycling Classic Stage 1 (image copyright Jarrod Partridge)

ORICA-AIS has started 2016 firing, claiming a one-two result at the opening 2016 Bay Cycling Classic criterium in Geelong this evening.

The Australian outfit tackled the 750m hotdog circuit, known for its brutal corners, from the front as a host of attack attempts went unrewarded courtesy of an attentive peloton.

A diminished field entered the final three laps together as ORICA-AIS formed their sprint train at the head of the field with two laps to race.

Bursting out of the last corner from her lead out position, two-time Australian champion Gracie Elvin proved too strong into a headwind and held on for the victory. Teammate Lizzie Williams crossed the line closely behind to give ORICA-AIS the perfect start to 2016.

?I wasn?t expecting it actually,? Elvin said. ?I?ve just done a whole lot of volume. I haven?t done a whole lot of intensity. I was hoping today would wind up the legs for nationals.?

?I saw a gap. I saw the bunch slowing in that last corner and thought I?d give Sarah Roy one last kick. ?I sprinted to the line as hard as I could waiting for everyone to come past me, but I got it just on the line.?

Images copyright Jarrod Partridge

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