2016 Bay Cycling Classic: Elite Women’s Stage 2 Photo Gallery

Two-time Australian champion and yesterday?s winner Gracie Elvin?has sprinted to second place on day two of the 2016?Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic to retain her overall lead.

ORICA-AIS played another active role on the 1.9km circuit in Geelong?s Eastern Gardens but the race came back together in the final laps.

Reacting to an early wind up by Kimberley Wells (High5 Dream Team), Elvin battled to claim second position with teammate Sarah Royrounding up the podium.

?The race came back together with three laps to go,? Elvin said. ?(Amanda) Spratt and Chloe (McConville) were on the front drilling it again.?

?I was there to give Sarah a last lead out again but Kimberley hit us, way earlier than we were expecting, and I was just in the right position so I followed her but couldn?t quite get her on the line.?

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