2017 Tour of Bright Cancelled!

Cyclists will have to rescheduled their plans this weekend as the 2017 Tour of Bright will be flooded out. Bureau of Meteorology is predicting rainfall exceeding 350mm causing flash flooding, definitely a dangerous situation for cycling in.



“Safety of riders & volunteers is paramount, and therefore with the information provided we have no other reasonable course of action to take other than to cancel the race. This view has been supported by Cycling Victoria, our partner in the event with rider safety the primary consideration.” Stated  the Tour of Bright.

Obviously, this was a very difficult decision for their team. Cycling in wet conditions can be dangerous at the best of time, let along when there is torrential rain with flash flooding. We applaud them in making the right decision for the hundreds of cyclists who entered the event.


Our thoughts are with the Tour of Bright team and we are looking forward to the 2018 event!


You can read the full press release from the Bright Brewery Tour of Bright here.

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