Drapac Professional Cycling Set for European Race Program

Drapac Professional Cycling (DPC) isset to begin an extensive European race program starting in April. The team begins the European campaign at Route Adeie de Vitre and Paris-Camembert, then onto Belgium to kick off April. DPC has established a service course in Belgium to serve the team for the six-month European program.

“This year will see the team return to Europe with a comprehensive racing program from April through to September. The decision to return to Europe is another important step in the team’s growth towards becoming World Tour and the athletic development of our riders. This program brings close to seventy days of racing across Europe, giving all of our riders the opportunity to showcase their talents and progress to the next level,” Jonathan Breekveldt, General Manager, said.

Graeme Brown, an experienced team leader at DPC, spent a decade racing in Europe and knows the ins and outs of the races and protocol. His expertise and racing knowledge will be valuable to the younger riders on the team as they tackle their first season abroad in Europe.

“Drapac’s European trip is gonna be tough as euro racing is harder and faster then Asian and North American racing, small technical roads and unpredictable weather. It will be a great and steep learning curve for most of the boys but something that will undoubtedly help them all for their future professional careers,” Brown said.

Sports Director Tom Southam, who in his own career, raced many of the races that dot the DPC schedule, believes this is the next step for the program and that the riders are ready for this step.

“Drapac has raced in Europe on a number of occasions in the past, but we have previously only dipped our toes into the water in Europe. We have a relatively young team in terms of their European race experience, so a lot of the guys will have a sharp learning curve ahead. That being said we are results-driven, and we have to prove our worth over in Europe.,” Southam said.

Last season DPC raced in Italy and London. The 2016 program will feature a variety of multi-day tours along with one-day events, spanning throughout eight countries. DPC’s roster includes Dutch riders Jens Mouris and Peter Koning.

Southam added, “Despite the changing face of world cycling, and successful expansion into other regions, for now Europe remains the heartland of the sport, with the very highest standards of competition and some of the most important races on the calendar. Like anyone in the team, I will be working hard to get the best possible understanding of how the races are now run, and what it takes to get our guys to compete at what is an exceptionally high level of competition.”

DPC’s European program includes Tour of Norway and Tour of Austria as well as some one day races through out the six months. The complete race schedule featured here: www.drapaccycling.com


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