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By Allee Proud (Twitter – @alleeproud) Hello!?I have been shocking with keeping this blog updated.. gonna try and keep on top of this 🙂 A lot of things has happened between now and august since i last posted, so here we go! After the junior world championships, i took time off to recover mentally and phsyically,reviewed all of my races and then went from there. I then started hard training for the next 6 months, which included the 2011 oceania track championships in invercargill, the 2011 state track championships and just recently the 2012 Australian Subaru Track Championships. Lets start with Oceanias, Okay for those who don’t know, oceanias is a championship between the country’s in the oceania region, but to us Australians it’s a fight between the kiwis. Invercargill is.. what i would say.. different.. small, cold and green.. a farm in winter. But i recieved the pleasure of rooming with a few NSWIS riders, such as Caleb Ewan, Maddison Law, Holly Heffernan and Tirian Mcmanus, a very good group of people.

My roomies! NSWAIS crew (sorry maddi 😉 At the championships i rode in the Team sprint with Rebecca Dunn (NSW rider) and we finished 2nd in the u19 team sprint, i was pretty happy considering i had never ridden with Bec before, she’s gonna be one to watch in the future..

Second lap in the team sprint.

Team Sprint Podium The next event was the Keirin which was also combined with the women, i knew it would be tough because the women i was racing against are on another level to us u19 riders.. i just used it as experience and did the best i could and i finished 9th. Last but not least was the sprint, my favourite event. I qualified 3rd with a 12.2… not my finest ride but it is the sprint rounds that count. Got through the quaters happily, but i knew the semi’s would be tough, i was up against Tennielle Falappi, a Queensland rider, a very strong rider, we had similar qualifying times so i knew it was gonna be a tough ride. It came down to 3 rounds, I got one, she got the second, but i rode hard and got the 3rd one. She’s definitely a threat to the future so i’m gonna be keeping my eye on her. I then came up against Paige Paterson, a kiwi, she also went to junior worlds, same age as me, smiliar riding ability. But up against her i didnt have the legs, i got beat. Used my tactics as best as i could and i got beaten. Plain and simple. So i finished the championships with two medals, two silvers. Still wanting a gold more than ever.

Sprint Podium. All photos copyright to cycling southland. After a good few days of racing the long trip home arrived, 3 flights and $700 worth of excess of the whole trip, i was home and straight back into training for the Track Nationals. I had my state championships the weekend back.. i got sick when i got home which wasnt the best of timing, but i trained through states and came out with a gold and two silvers, i rode some shocking times, but nationals is when it counted, not now. AND i had to ride a stupid pointscore! Thanks DB 😉

Stupid pointscores…Photo copyright to Tony Lendrum Photography. All my focus was nationals, everyday the thought was, how will this effect me, think of nationals, how bad do you want this. I had been invited to train with the AIS sprint program leading into nationals. This is a HUGE opportunity and i wasn’t going to say no to training and being in the same envrionment with the best in the world. The 3 weeks with them was amazing, seeing how the behave, switch on and off, and how the treat training was a huge wake up for me. I need to realize that cycling to me just isn’t a sport in which i compete in, it’s now a life i live and want to continue living.. (sorry for the sappy stuff, i had to say it!) The national championships came quickly, i used to think okay its 4 months away, now 4 weeks, now 4 days.. and BAM here it is.. I wanted to show everyone how far i had come in the last year, and hopefully the results showed this. The racing started off with a great first day, me and Tian Beckett broke 3 AUSTRALIAN RECORDS! In the qualifying we broke the Austrlaian Championship and All comers record with a 35.975 we didn’t even know until the commentators announced! We were so happy! We qualified 4th behind the victorian team of Adele Sylvester and Ziggy Calan. (may i remind you that women and u19 women are combined, we were the fastest u19 team) We went into the final with a huge focus on the Australian Record, which was a 35.877 by Holly Williams and Adele Sylvester at the 2010 Junior world championships, me and tian wanted that record. Well we finished with a 35.856!!!! It was an amazing start to the championships, we still finished fourth, but going home with 3 new records was definitely satisfying! The next day started with the 500m time trial, im not a time trialist, but i went out there wanting to win and not leaving anything left in me, i finished 4th with a 36.768, a huge pb by .5! by only .02 off a medal which was disappointing, but a huge personal best left me happy, then focusing on the keirin. Got through the heat comfortably, then the final was the same session, so had to back up and put out a good ride, i finished 3rd, with Caitlin Ward from Victoria taking the win, huge congrats to her, she rode it very well. And again, last but not least the sprint, it’s tough having your favourite event last, but thats racing. I qualified fastest with an 11.8! another huge pb for me, i took each ride as i was, focusing on what was infront of me, not ahead of me. I made it through to the gold and silver ride off against Caitlin Ward, and got beaten, legs didn’t go as fast as i wanted them too, but faught as hard as i could and finished with silver. And again, a huge congrats to Caitlin!

My 200m qualifing. I finished the championships with a silver, bronze, two fourths and an aussie record. Not the results i wanted, but a huge improvement from last year so looking on the brightside. If you’re still here, thanks for reading! And sorry for me possibly boring the hell out of you haha. I will be keeping updates as much as i thinks necessary. Lastly, thank you to Clay Worthington, Daryll Benson, Abritrage Wormall, WAIS support and all those who have helped me in any way over the past 6 months, a huge thank you! thanks for reading, see y’all soon! P.S i still want gold

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