Arbitrage Racing Dominate Tour of Margaret River

The 2014 Tour of Margaret River proved to be highly successful for the Arbitrage Racing outfit with both teams securing wins across the 4-day tour. The elite men’s and elite women’s categories were taken out by the Wormall Civil CCS and Arbitrage Women’s Team’s respectively. Set in the picturesque southwest town of Cowaramup and the surrounding Margaret River region, the tour began with a team time trial, which the Arbitrage Masters team quickly dominated, holding the fastest team time across the entire elite men’s category until late in the day, when the Wormall Civil CCS team posted the fastest time for the day. That event ceded the teams and placed the Masters team amongst the open category riders for the remainder of the tour. The Arbitrage Women’s team also secured the top spot in the teams time trial for the elite Women’s category. Each of the Arbitrage teams followed suit across stages 1 – 5 and consistently took stage wins in both the men’s and women’s categories. Rebecca Mackey claimed the Pink Jersey early on in the tour, which she rounded off with an impressive win in the final stage, finishing hundreds of metres ahead of her breakaway companion. The women’s team completed the tour with 3 stage wins in total and dominated the top 5 in each stage and quickly became the team to beat. An all-star line up for Wormall Civil CCS proved to be a huge success for the boys who pulled off three stage wins and placed in the top 5 for each of the stages. The presence of guest rider Shannon Johnson (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team) was a positive addition to the team, Johnson won the overall Green Leaders Jersey, his first ever tour win. Favourite Stephen Hall took an impressive stage win on Stage 3 and held the overall GC lead for a couple of days. Unfortunately Stephen was involved in a crash at the end of Stage 4 but a few hours in hospital and a bandaged hand later, was back to defend his time for the final stage. Hall placed second overall on GC at the end of the tour. The Arbitrage Masters welcomed new teammate David Vitale into the fold for the Tour who rode consistently and with confidence and placed 24th overall. Matt Upton, Ian Gregory, Adam Feilding and Arbitrage Racing owner Tony Anderson also rode an impressive tour, with Tony Anderson taking 3rd place overall in the Masters category. Images copyright Michelle Sherwin

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