Aussies in Action: 2014 Cross Vegas

By Kit Hinders The Men: It was another commanding performance for former World Champion, Sven Nys of Belgium. Riding for Crelan-An Drinks, Nys powered away in the final lap to win clear of a chasing Lars Van der Har and Jeremy Powers. The race was defined by negative racing. A thick and slow grass section muffled attacks and forced riders to break late. Our boys unfortunately were spectators this time around. Australia?s highest finisher, Christopher Aitken, was a distant 42nd. Cross Vegas Elite Men 2014 Results 1 NYS Sven Crelan-Aa Drinks BEL19760617 1:03:17 2 VAN DER HAR Lars Development Team Giant-Shimano NED1910723 1:03:21 3 ?POWERS Jeremy Rapha Focus USA19830629 1:03:29 4 ?HERMANS Quinten * Telenet Fidea Cycling Team BEL1950729 1:03:34 5 ?VANTHOURENHOUT Sven Crelan-Aa Drinks BEL1981014 1:03:36 6 ?SOETE Dan * Telenet Fidea Cycling Team BEL1941219 1:03:47 7 ?KRUGHOF Alen Nosa Profesional Cyclocros USA19840219 1:03:51 8 ?MILNE Shawn Boulder Cycle Sport/ Yoga Glo USA1981109 1:03:53 9 ?BERDEN Ben Raleigh Clement BEL19750929 1:03:53 10 DODGE Cameron Pure Energy/Scot Bikes USA191010 1:03:5 11 DRISCOL James Raleigh Clement USA198611 1:03:59 12 CRAIG Adam Giant Factory Of-Road Team USA19810815 1:04:14 13 WELS Jake Stans No Tubes USA19780628 1:04:26 14 ZAHNER Simon Ekz Racing Team SUI19830306 1:04:31 15 VAN AMERONGEN Thijs Telenet Fidea Cycling Team NED19860718 1:04:43 16 PAGE Jonathan Fuji/Spy USA19760916 1:04:5 17 WINTERBERG Lukas Mueler Landscaping / Bh Bicycl SUI1980504 1:05:05 18 KABUSH Geof Scot-3Rox Racing CAN1970414 1:05:34 19 RICHEY Craig Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosai CAN19840624 1:05:38 20 WILDHABER Marcel Scot-Odlo Mtb Racing Team SUI19850517 1:05:38 21 CLARK Anthony Jam/Nc Squid Bikes USA19870614 1:05:39 22 JOHNSON Timothy Canondale Pb Cyclocrosworld.C USA1970805 1:06:05 23 ZANDSTRA Derek Scot 3 Rox Racing CAN19841019 1:06:12 24 WICKS Bary Kona USA198115 1:06:13 25 LINDINE Justin Redline / Nbx USA1984011 1:06:15 42 AITKEN Christopher * Focus Bikes Australia AUS194012 @2Laps 45 MILBURN Gary Ataquer AUS19870202 @2Laps 50 CHAPMAN Tom * Focus Bikes Australia AUS1950207 @4Laps 51 LEAN Jade Focus Bikes Australia Cx Team AUS1974121 @5Laps The Women: Like the men?s race after, the women?s race was categorized by failed attempt after failed attempt to break up proceedings. With one lap to go, Katie Compton, Katerina Nash, and Meredith Miller were ahead of their chasers. With 200 meters to go, Compton was on the front, opening up her sprint. While she typically finishes what she starts, the fresher Miller was about to use the final corner as her launch pad and went on to overpower Compton at the line. Nash too pipped Compton at the line for second. Australia?s highest finisher was Lisa Jacobs, riding for Rapha-Focus, in 17th place. After the race Lisa tweeted that she had no legs or lungs. Check out her blog about the race. Not our best performance this week in America, but there will be more elite racing in Colorado coming up this weekend. Cross Vegas 2014 Elite Women Results 1 MILER Meredith Peper Palace Pro Cycling USA1973126 40:01 2 NASH Katerina Luna Pro Team CZE1971209 40:01 3 COMPTON Katherine Trek Factory Racing USA19781203 40:01 4 PENDREL Catharine Luna Pro Team CAN1980930 40:23 5 GOULD Georgia Luna Pro Team USA1980105 40:37 6 LOYD Rachel California Giant Cycling USA19750506 40:50 7 MANI Caroline Raleigh Clement FRA1987018 40:57 8 NAUMAN Amanda Sdg-Belwether Pb Krema Peanut USA19890712 41:03 9 ZAVETA Erica Amy D Racing USA19890906 41:08 10 MAXIMENKO Casandra Rare Vos / Vandesel / Power Ba USA19830405 41:14 11 DURIN Gabriela Neon Velo Cycling Team GBR19841201 41:15 12 ROCHETE Maghalie Luna Pro Team CAN1930420 41:25 13 MCFADDEN Courtenay Gecapital/American Clasic USA19850323 41:37 14 EMMET Keli Giant Factory Of Road Team USA1970407 41:48 15 ANDERSON Ele California Giant Cycling USA1980329 41:54 16 STETSON-LE Teal Luna Pro Team USA19860524 41:56 17 JACOBS Lisa Rapha-Focus AUS19810917 42:09 18 ANTHONY Crystal Optum P/B Kely Benefit USA1980120 42:17 19 CUTLER Jesica Fcs|Cycling: P/B Zngine + Mr. USA19790907 42:25 20 KEMMERER Arley Pb2 Pro Cycling USA1984023 42:35 21 DYCK Mical Stans No Tubes CAN1982021 43:02 24 BAUM Nina Stan’s No Tubes USA19740709 43:06 23 KACHOREK Emily Squid USA1980102 43:08 24 ?G?MEZ Carolina Vanderkiten Cx ARG1920506 43:50 25 ?ZOLTON Andi Nemesis Racing USA19851028 4:16 49 KERNICH Gemma Focus Bikes Australia/Port Adel AUS19750529 @2Lap

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