Sidney River
Final de tour de france

Au Revoir, Tour de France

By Caelli Greenbank – @fireflycaelli If you?ve seen a cycling website within the past two months, the words ?ASO?, ?UCI?, ?Tour de France? and ?future of cycling? have probably been there on the front page.? It may seem like a lot of fuss over just a little politics, but unfortunately…

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#RoadNats Tales from the Teletubby

By the Yellow Teletubby Sunshine, Beers, Cheers and BBQ’s…. oh yeah…. and an epic bike race too!!! Mars RoadNats 2016 Was…. Hot! Hot! Hot! How hot? Nearly hot enough to melt a fans thongs into the road! True story… After recovering from my efforts in the Gran Fondo the day…

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