Cycling Australia Release National Championships Calendars Through To 2018

Cycling Australia is pleased to announce an exciting, and truly national suite of events in the 2015-2018 Cycling National Championships calendar. Thanks to the wonderful support of our State Associations the Elite, Junior, Masters and Para-cycling Championships will feature across six states, one territory and nearly 20 different locations and venues. On the road, the City of Ballarat has committed to hosting the premier event on the calendar – the Road National Championships held each January ? to at least 2017, allowing the event to continue to grow in this strong cycling region of Australia. In an exciting prospect for cyclists and cycling fans alike, the 2017 Masters Road Nationals will likely be held on the same roads as the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games road event. Similarly, track cycling will be showcased at all seven indoor velodromes throughout Australia, including Hisense Arena, and the 2018 Commonwealth Games venue in Brisbane (currently under construction) to host both the 2017 and 2018 Elite and Under 19 Championships. The national calendar is set to provide new challenges, opportunities and a variety of courses for all. In addition to this, the reach of events throughout Australia is guaranteed to provide the sport of cycling, its athletes and fans, greater opportunities to race, watch and get involved in cycling at all levels. Track National Championships Subaru Cycling Australia Elite & U19 Track National Championships* 2015 DISC Velodrome Melbourne 28 – 31 January 2016 Adelaide Super-Drome 2017 Brisbane 2018 Brisbane Cycling Australia Junior Track National Championships 2015 DISC Velodrome Melbourne 25 ? 28 February 2016 Launceston Silverdome 24 ? 27 February 2017 Dunc Gray Velodrome Sydney 2018 Brisbane Cycling Australia Masters Track National Championships 2015 Dunc Gray Velodrome Sydney 11 ? 14 March 2016 Perth Speed-Dome 2017 Perth Speed-Dome 2018 DISC Velodrome Melbourne Cycling Australia Omnium & Para-cycling Track Championships 2015 DISC Velodrome Melbourne 18 ? 19 December 2014 2016 Adelaide Super-Drome 2017 Adelaide Super-Drome 2018 Adelaide Super-Drome Cycling Australia Madison National Championships 2015 Hisense Arena Melbourne 20 December 2014 2016 Hisense Arena Melbourne 2017 Hisense Arena Melbourne 2018 Hisense Arena Melbourne Road National Championships Cycling Australia Elite Road National Championships 2015 Ballarat 7 ? 11 January 2016 Ballarat 2017 Ballarat 2018 Location TBC Cycling Australia Junior Mountain Climb Championships 2015 Mt Buffalo, VIC 18 ? 19 April 2016 Mt Buffalo, VIC 2017 Location TBC 2018 Location TBC Cycling Australia Para-cycling Road National Championships 2015 Adelaide 2016 Adelaide 2017 Warrnambool 2018 Warrnambool Cycling Australia U19 Road National Championships 2015 Queensland 2016 Canberra 2017 Geelong 2018 Canberra Cycling Australia Junior Road National Championships 2015 Shepparton 11-13 September 2016 Bendigo 2017 Launceston 2018 Perth Cycling Australia Masters Road National Championships 2015 Tweed 2016 NSW 2017 Gold Coast 2018 Ballarat Note – those events listed without dates are still to be confirmed. Text via Cycling Australia Media Release

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