Drapac Professional Cycling’s European Campaign Begins

Drapac Professional Cycling departed Australia on the 28th of April with a squad of eight riders to tackle the European racing scene for their sixth year in a row.? Based in Oudenaarde, Belgium, they will compete in UCI Races, Pro Kermesses and Criteriums racing through the months of May and June.? The program will see them race in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. ?The two months in Europe provides the riders with a variety of races and racing disciplines important to their development and for riders aspiring to progress to a higher level valuable exposure to the bigger teams.? It also provides a solid an consistent block of racing which is a great preparation to the National Road Series when there is little racing between now and the Tour of Gippsland which begins in August back in Australia?, says team manager Jonathan Breekveldt. ? The team arrive in Belgium on the 29th of May and have five days to prepare for their first race, Ronde van Overijssel, in the Netherlands which will see the entire squad racing together in the two day tour.?
Riders Racing in Europe:

  • Floris Goesinnen (NED)
  • Adam Phelan (AUS)
  • Thomas Palmer (AUS)
  • Darren Lapthorne (AUS)
  • Amir Rusli (MAS)
  • Peter Thompson (AUS)
  • Malcolm Rudolph (AUS)
  • Stuart Shaw (AUS)

Confirmed Racing Program

  • Ronde van Overijssel (NED) UCI 2.2, May 4th-5th.
  • Omloop der Kempen (NED) UCI 1.2, May 6th.
  • Houthalen Pro Kermesse (BEL), May 12th.
  • Verrebroek Pro Kermesse (BEL), May 13th.
  • Puivelde Pro Kermesse (BEL), May 16th.
  • Fleche du Sud (LUX), May 16th-20th.
  • Tour de Gironde (FRA) UCI 2.2, May 26th-28th.
  • Gullegem Pro Kermesse (BEL), May 29th.
  • Lede Pro Kermesse (BEL), June 17th.
  • Ruddervoorde Pro Kermesse (BEL), June 19th.
  • Halle Ingooigem (BEL) UCI 1.1, June 20th.
  • Oetingen (BEL) UCI 1.2, June 27th.

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