Meet Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty Ride Captain “The Flying Scotsmen”

Peloton Café and Peloton Café Events is supporting Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty    PaaP  Melbourne – Snowy Mountains – Canberra – Southern Highlands – Sydney Charity Ride   4-11 November 2017 For 2 years Peloton Charity Events has ridden from the Gold Coast to Sydney to raise money for the Vulnerable Children’s Fund.



We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jon. 


So Jon, how did you get into bike riding?

Always loved the bike. It is a metaphor for life, the more you put in, the more you get out, the more people you meet and healthier you feel

What type of riding do you do? 

For events like Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty 1300K 16000m of climbing leading others I need to be fit and on top of my game.  I use Training Peaks to plan my riding. I mix it up between long rides, shorter intervals and of course rest days.

What is your most memorable ride?

My favourite ride each year is the Bicycle NSW Spring Financial Group Spring Cycle. To ride with thousands of other riders across the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is both a privilege and fantastic experience.

What is your go-to weekend ride?

My local HKGG’s Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Gorgeous Gorges 4 Gorges Ride – Bobbin Head, Galston Gorge, Berowra Ferry and Climb and back through Bobbin Head with a bunch of great mates




Now, soon you are embarking on an epic bike ride fr a great cause. Would you like to tell us a little about it? 

PaaP (Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty) was born 2 years ago as a ride from the Gold Coast to Sydney to raise money for the Vulnerable Chirldrens Fund. We repeated that in 2016.  We have raised around $170,000. But we have also created an amazing riding experience. We have a pro peloton experience with ride captains, support cars, mechanics, KoM’s, rolling pace lines, massage and even your expresso ready at each rest stop.  In 2017 we have expanded the Peloton Charity Challenge to a challenging Melbourne to Sydney via the Snowy Mountains, Canberra and Southern Highlands. We have expanded the Charity platform to 2 charities and have the ambition to expand this by one new charity each year.


How did you decide on those 2 charities?

Vulnerable Children’s Fund is the foundation charity however the advocacy for a Better Environment for all Cyclists is really important. So we made the decision to support Bicycle NSW through the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust this year.


Who will be joining you on this adventure? 

5 ride captains, 6 support volunteers and 20 riders


What are you most looking forward to?

It will be amazing ride but it is the life long friends that the many hours of suffering in the saddle and the laughs off it that will make this adventure truly memorable


For those who want to donate to the ride or riders, where can they go to pledge their support?

Go to the website  click on sponsor a rider to this page  choose a rider, any rider, donate and add a comment. If you choose Flying Scotsman, Travis Eddie or Ride Captains I would be delighted but it really does not matter who you choose as it all goes to the same charities.

Stay posted for regular updates from the road during the 8 day event on the Peloton Cafe



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