Review: Bycle Ride Tracker

  At Peloton Cafe we like cycling and we like technology which is why we agreed to review Melbourne cyclist Matt Berg’s new cycling app – Bycle (an unpaid review, before you ask!). The app fills a current hole in the app market which caters to live riding, meaning you can watch someone’s ride in real time on your phone or computer without having to pay for it on Strava or own a Garmin. This fulfills a pretty handy set of uses ranging from watching your mate finish his first Gran Fondo to peeping on loved ones whereabouts when they sneak out in lycra on a Saturday morning. The one that got me really excited though was live racing, especially if you’re a fan or DS. The app requires a facebook or email login and loads up pretty quickly. The layout and graphics are simple and well though-out meaning you’re on the road quickly too. You can send through a link to your location via Facebook, SMS and Email or if you become “teammates”, you will?receive?immediate notifications within the app. Once you’re up and running, viewers get access to your location, starting point, destination, current speed, average speed and distance. So make sure you don’t disappoint them… The app is brand new and developer Matt Berg is quick to point out that “…there are a few things that I’d like to work out, but the basics are there. I can see it being licensed out for races and events in the near future.” This is something we at Peloton Cafe are pretty keen to implement, stay tuned! All in all we think Bycle is an innovative and easy way to get easy access to live-riding and might form a staple app for any weekend cycling widow 😉 It’s for FREE and you can download it from the app store now View screenshots of the app in action below

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