Roxcycl Pledge $6000 To Support Women’s Cycling!

Australian cycle clothing and distribution company Roxcycl launch 2015 Ambassador Program, pledge $1000 in financial support to successful applicants. New South Wales based cycling apparel distribution company Roxcycl is searching for three women in NSW or the ACT, aged 18 and over, to represent their brands. The catch? They want to encourage women to set themselves new, achievable goals and strive to accomplish them. Managing director of Roxcycl Tegan Cox started the company with her husband and cycling enthusiast Kelvin Rundle at the start of 2014. The company currently stocks Vanderkitten & Velocio cycling apparel in Australia. ?As big fans of women’s cycling the Ambassador Program seemed like a good way to help provide funding to the sport that we are passionate about while helping riders get their hands on awesome kit,? Ms Cox said. ?As part of this, on October 31 at Noosa Multisport festival we are going to launch the Roxcycl Ambassador Program,? ?We are looking for three female cyclists in New South Wales or the ACT to undertake a cycling event or race that they have never done before. We?ve affectionately named it #mygoalrox,? she said. Regardless of skill level or cycling experience any woman over the age of 18 in NSW or the ACT can apply for the Roxcycl Ambassador Program if they have a goal they need help achieving. Successful applicants will receive up to $1000 towards their goal?s expenses and a selection of Vanderkitten and Velocio kit to champion while working towards their big new goal. ?All up this will translate to about $6000 of financial support in clothing and expenses across the three riders. Without getting into details, this is a pretty big commitment for our little startup,? Ms Cox said. Applications for the Roxcycl ambassador program are open until November 14. For more information on how to apply you can head to the Roxcycl website ( Start your #mygoalrox journey today.

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