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Share a Brew With…Ed Clemens

Peloton Cafe || Ed Clemens

Peloton Cafe || Ed Clemens

By Sam Young This summer has seen a number of international riders base themselves in Adelaide over the summer, taking the opportunity to get away from the cold of winter in Europe, and to take advantage of the variety of training available here. One such rider is Ed Clemens from Buckinghamshire in the UK. The easy-going Brit is racing in Adelaide for the Swiss Wellness Cycling Team, competing in the Bowdens Elite Teams Series, and racking up the kilometres to hopefully set himself up for the European season ahead. Peloton Caf? caught up with Clemens to chat about training and racing in Australia, and what to look out for in the coming season. Ed arrived in Australia in November, and Swiss Wellness was instrumental in providing him with the opportunity. ?As soon as I got here Mick Slater (The manager of SWC) picked me up from the airport, gave me a lift to Brad?s, and gave me a load of kit and that. They?re really good at giving support for under 23s, and that kinda age group where riders are almost breaking through.? Ed turned 21?last Friday, and he was clearly keen to show his appreciation for the support the team provided, winning his first race on Australian soil, a Norwood Cycling Club road race on the range. Although the scenery was different, the style of course was very similar to what he?s used to at home. ?The road race I did, when I got here was a good way to start with a bang. Our road races are always fully sold out, so it was a bit weird racing with like, 35 guys, but it was still a good race, that course was similar to what we ride at home, a 10 mile lap with a climb in it.? Since then he?s settled in nicely, although he has noticed some differences between the racing here and in the UK. Used to racing over distances of 70-130 miles (110-210km) racing mostly short club races and criteriums is a different experience. Despite that, Clemens is careful not to over commit whilst he?s here. ?I?m trying to not race too much when I?m here. I?m doing the Bowdens series, but not over racing so when I go back I?ve got a full season when I get home.? One of the most important aspects of being in Adelaide for Ed has been the opportunity to get some solid training in. ?Having the variety of roads, and being able to go out down military road and smash it down there on a chain gang is perfect, and then being able to go out and get like 3500m in the hills is fantastic. And warm weather as well is pretty nice. It?s like, Icy roads at home at the moment. ? Here till February, Ed is hoping for big things in the coming season, with the first goal being in April; ?There?s the Rutland ? Melton International CiCLE Classic which is a race that really suits me, and I always wanna do well in it but I always seem to mess up so I want to have a good crack at it this year. It?s one of the only UCI races at home I can do.?

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