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By Rob Cumine Perth based Andrew Hagen had an idea about combining cycling safety and a rearward facing camera. The result is Fly6 which has resulted in hundreds of orders before the first Fly6 came off the production line. The Fly6 enters the compact sport camera category with more than just a camera but with safety in mind. ?I?d say that it is the first ever camera designed specifically for cyclists ? it is not an action cam, it is a safety camera.? The Fly6 was sold out even before they hit our shores. ?we have been struggling to keep up with demand for our first product, Fly6 however we think we are on top of it now.? ?It?s great to see the take up of the concept of a camera facing rear, particularly from the international community ? we have sold to over 28 countries already! It?s funny, but because we don?t have eyes in the back of our head, we don?t often think of what happens behind us on our rides. As you have seen with your Fly6, it is very revealing!? The hope is that more motorists become aware that there ?might? be a camera on bicycles on the roads and then they will give cyclists more space, increasing our safety and hopefully reducing car vs cyclists related accidents. ?It?s a self policing phenomena that we see when there is a traffic light camera on a set of lights?we take more care!? How the project began. ?My business partner and co-inventor of Fly6 was riding by himself in the hills on the outskirts of Perth when some young guys drove up next to him and from point blank range, shot him with a elasticated slingshot. This was obviously painful and by the time he had realised what had just happened, the young guys laughed and drove off before he could identify the vehicle. It was obvious that had he had a rear camera, the number plate would have been captured and the young guys brought to justice (hopefully to never do it again). After researching the market we found nothing was available specifically for cyclists and on a flight back from snowboarding Kingsley pitched the idea of a rear facing camera to Andrew and after some trial and expereiment, maxed out credit cards and morgatages on their houses the Fly6 entered our market.? Research and development. ?We had an idea, we took it to expert consultants to use their experience to make sure the design is robust, effective and able to be produced. We had our consultants deal direct with a factory to work through prototyping until we were happy with the results. From memory there were 6 prototypes before we were happy to go ahead. We did a few pilot production runs to test systems and then we placed our first big order (which is where our Fly6 came from!)? From the use we have had we haven?t noticed any lack of definition of number plates. The camera records in High Definition 720 why not a full 1280? What angle does the camera capture? Fly6 is a good camera and a good light. It is not the best camera and it is not the best light. When you compare the features of Fly6, the weight of Fly6 and the cost of Fly6 with some of the action cameras on the market, you will quickly see that the value for money is incredible. We didn?t use 1080 in our first model as we were trying to keep the price down. Also, the amount of data produced at 1080 is more than double that of 720 making it more laborious to use the footage post ride. We are all about making things simple for our customers because that is what we want from our devices. Don?t forget ? Fly6 is a safety device, not an action camera! The camera angle is 130 degrees. Riding on wet roads is never fun, but how water proof is theFly6? It is designed to withstand normal cycling conditions. We sometimes ride in the pouring rain and Fly6 will continue to work in these conditions. In addition, we have included a world first for a cycling accessory and that is Nano Technology. This technology turns parts of the devices that were previously susceptible to corrosion to a hydrophobic state. This means that they repel the water molecules on a Nano level. From the users perspective it looks and feels no different but it means that if your Fly6 gets water inside of it, it won?t corrode of stop working for that reason. It?s actually amazing technology and we have even completely drowned a Fly6 and kept using it from the next day without fail?very impressive stuff. We are very excited to be the first cycling accessory in the world to implement this technology. The Fly6 really takes on cyclist safety incorporating a rear red light and a camera so that if you?re involved in an incident you have evidence. In recent months there has been a lot of talk in parliament, the media and cyclists about bicycle safety and advocacy do you see the Fly6 as a solution? The media has started bringing the awareness of cycling cameras into the mainstream consciousness of everyone (including motorists). When motorists become aware that cameras ?might? be on bikes, then Fly6 will have done its job! It?s a big mission but we are going to make it happen. The package overall is well presented and you get a variety of different accessories. The design of the Fly6 is larger than some rear lights however it does contain a video camera, and is very easy to install. We have gone to great lengths to make sure Fly6 is ready to go out of the box. No accessories needed, not trips down the store to buy a ?decent? memory card and no painful swipe of your credit card?.we have designed it to do what we would expect from all things you buy. We really hope it shakes up the establishment in terms of providing customers with great value and a no nonsense device! Is there a front mounted camera and light in production? Can you reveal any details? It would have to be our most frequent request ? ?what is happening with the front camera?? A lot of action occurs in front of us as well whether that?s out on the road or on the trails. Will we see a front mounted Fly unit? Yes, we are designing Fly12 at the moment and while I can say we are very happy with Fly6, Fly12 is going to a whole new level. We have new designers that have taken the aesthetics to a whole new level and the features will be off the hook!! We can?t say much more than that as it is very early days but we hope to be able to reveal more towards the end of the year. I should say in closing, Fly6 has been used a number of times already in different continents to successfully prosecute motorists for various offences from most notably hitting a cyclist and driving away (Australia) to other motoring infringments. This is very exciting for us as it proves the concept we thought of all those years and dollars ago.

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