Support Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty – PaaP

Charity Ride   4-11 November 2017

Melbourne – Snowy Mountains – Canberra – Southern Highlands – Sydney


For 2 years Peloton Charity Events has ridden from the Gold Coast to Sydney to raise money for the Vulnerable Children’s Fund. Over $175,000 has been raised to date.  In 2017 our ride is also  supporting the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust as a charity partner.


The objectives of the Trust are solely for charitable purposes and are as follows:

– To conserve and protect the natural environment through the promotion of bicycling as an environmentally beneficial means of transport;

– To promote the use of the bicycle as a key element of ecologically sustainable development practices;

– To promote bicycle transport as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air and water quality, reducing non-renewable energy consumption, and improving land use; and

– To promote the use of the bicycle as a healthy, environmentally sustainable means of enhancing accessibility and personal mobility in the community.



You can be involved by sending a message of support through your donation on the PAAP charity site.  Our chosen rider is the Flying Scotsman however you can support any rider or any team. If you have interest in riding all or part of the event, being a support volunteer at the event or interested in a corporate partnership an application can be made via PAAP website.  All the riders have started to train for this 1300K challenge and we encourage you to support this fantastic initiative, the riders involved and charity partners





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