Tiffany Cromwell vs Anthony Tan

T Tiffany CROMWELL is looking forward to settling a score with Anthony Tan in a mass participation ride, RideNationals, around the brutal Mt Buninyong circuit, on Sunday 11 January. Following the women?s road race at the UCI Road World Championships, where Cromwell finished fifth, Tan wrote a scathing review of the race for the SBS Cycling Central website. Tan said the women?s road race was a three-and-a-half hour advertisement on why we shouldn?t watch women?s racing. The article elicited an enormous response. Cromwell showed her class in responding to Tan?s criticism, of the way she raced saying, ?It was nice to see so many people coming to my defence, and of women?s cycling, but the racially based comments were way out of line. ?I heard that some people were telling the Tan Man to go back to where he comes from. I wouldn?t have thought he could afford to live on Sydney?s Lower North Shore, property prices there are out of control.” The inaugural edition of RideNationals, a recreation ride conducted on fully closed roads, provides cyclists of all levels the chance to live the dream of riding Australia?s most prestigious one-day race. Cyclists will have three hours to cover as many laps of the famed course, with each rider to receive a transponder which will record their time up the climb. After the ride, a King and Queen of the Mountain will be crowned. ?I am looking forward to riding up Mt Buninyong with him,” said Cromwell. ?As punishment for what he said about women?s cycling, I?m not going to drop him. I’m going to stay at that annoying pace, half a wheel in front, that has him at his limit the whole way up the climb. ?We?ve got to get our own back when we can. It will be fun.” While Tan took the condemnation of his article on the chin. ?I guess you could say I’m no longer part of ‘Team Australia’, to quote the honourable PM Tony Abbott,? Tan said. ?I’m looking forward to riding with Tiffany to see if she thinks my Buninyong form warrants reconsideration by the board of selectors to get myself back on ‘the team’. Cromwell said she understands the role the media has to play and that they?re an important part of the sport. ?We know that journalists have a role to play. Without media coverage our sponsors wouldn?t get any return on their investment and we wouldn?t get to do what we love for a living,? she said. ?Anthony was definitely controversial in his comments but at least it had people talking about women?s cycling?. Tan says he didn?t set out to be controversial but that he believes women?s cycling has more to offer than what we saw at this year?s world championships. ?If the blog I wrote and the ride with Tiffany forms part of a longer, ongoing conversation about women’s cycling – how it should be viewed, how it can sometimes be misunderstood, and how it can be better promoted – I’d be delighted to get dropped on Mount Buninyong by Australia’s leading female cyclist! Text via Cycling Australia Media Release

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