Top National Park Picks for Riding in NSW

Old Great North Road Bike Ride – Dharug & Yengo National Park

Have you always wanted to ride at a destination that is a part of the Convict Sites of the Australia World Heritage Area? Do you want to explore an important piece of Australia’s history? The Old Great North Road Bike Ride is something that you will want to tick off the bucket list.

The trail starts from Wisemans Ferry in the south and finishes in Mount Manning in the north of Dharug and Yengo National Park. This trail still contains part of the 43-kilometre stretch of the convict-built Old Great North Road.

As history tells us, the Great North Road was completed in 1836 and was constructed using convict labour. Originally, the road spanned over 260 kilometres connecting Sydney to the settlements of the Hunter Valley but due to not being popular and isolated, the road was almost abandoned as a route to the Hunter Valley.

The Old Great North Road contains the most spectacular examples of stonework including bridges, buttresses and twelve metre high retaining walls. It also contains some of the oldest surviving stone bridges in Australia including Clares Bridge and Circuit Flat Bridge.

Eleven of Australia’s convict sites were listed in the world heritage listing in July 2010. The Old Great North Road is fortunate enough to have two of its sites listed including The Devines Hill and Finchs Line sections in the Dharug and Yengo National Park.

The road is recommended for experienced mountain bike riders only, but if you want to test yourself in the rocky terrain then this will be an experience of a lifetime. The Old North Great Road has one of the best surviving examples of large-scale transportation and the colonial expansion of European powers through the presence and labour of convicts. Give yourself at least a day to complete this adventure but if you want to explore it to full extent then allow for a couple of days.

Important Info:

  • Water is scarce on this trail so make sure you take plenty of drinking water. Water taken from tanks must be boiled or treated before drinking.
  • As this is an important heritage area; please leave the landscapes and vegetation of the National Parks as you find them.
  • Please be aware and observe all fire restrictions; use the fireplaces provided take care when visiting the park in fire danger periods (October and April).
  • Keep to the Old Great North Road when riding; consider walkers and walk you bike down Devine’s Hill

Mount Hay Road Leura – Blue Mountains National Park

Located in the Blue Mountains National Park, the Mount Hay Road Leura bicycle trail is ideal for cyclists who want to explore the scenic views and wildflowers.

The Mount Hay Road Leura provides a number of gorgeous landscapes and is well worth the 39 kilometre return ride through the Blue Mountains.

There are several steep sections along the trail but not too hard for the enthusiastic rider. It is generally an easy ride across the sandstone plateau and you may also get the chance to see some rare Australian fauna and flora including the distinctive giant dragonfly and rare pink flannel flowers.

When you arrive at the end of the trail, you will come across the exotic gorge views at the highest peak of Mount Banks, which looks down to the Grose River below. The trail allows you to have a nice picnic at the top of the point as well completing near by activities including walking tracks, rock climbing and canoeing if you want the ultimate experience to fulfill the perfect day in a unique environment.

It is only 120km from Sydney CBD or an estimated 2-hour train ride from Central station so riding the Mount Hay Road Leura cycle trail will top off a great summer weekend.

Important Info:

  • Allow approximately 8 hours to complete the trail.
  • Bring the essentials (water, sunscreen & food)
  • There is limited mobile reception.
  • Check the weather before you head out as Mount Hay Road can become boggy when it rains.

Thredbo Valley Track – Kosciuszko National Park

It doesn’t have snowy and cold to enjoy Thredbo. Summer time is the peak for mountain bikers at Kosciuszko National Park with the Thredbo Valley track being one of the most popular adventures for riders.

Approximately 17km one-way, the Thredbo Valley Track allows you to soak in the atmosphere of the Ramshead Range and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Be prepared for a number of different terrains you will come across including the open grasslands, snow gum woodlands and snow gum forests. You will also encounter the beautiful Thredbo River valley and will come across a number of scenic spots and have the chance to stop and gaze at the view.

The track is fairly smooth and fits for any rider so make it equates to the perfect riding weekend.

Important Info:

  • The track is an easy to moderate 3 hour ride one way between the Bullocks Hut Skitube Terminal and Thedbo Alpine Village.
  • Limited mobile reception.

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