2014 National Capital Tour Blog: Stage 1 By Scott Bradburn

By Scott Bradburn – Cellarbrations Racing Team I hate time trials. I hate time trials even more than I hate crits. And I really hate crits. I also hate cold weather. So, I was really looking forward to today?s opening 17km ITT in Canberra.?I checked out my start time nervously hoping Joe Cooper wasn?t the guy behind me ? or even the guy five guys behind me ? and was in luck. We all have different goals. Some riders aspire to win. Some to be the best on their team. Or to beat their mates. These all seemed way too lofty for me. My goal would be to not get caught and to finish in double figures i.e. less than 100th (out of 165). When anything from 10th to 99th will do?I reckon you are planning well for success. The night before the race my accommodation service manager (and part time MTB gun Andy Blair) asked me about my plans for a pre roll the next morning. Pre roll? Never heard of that before. Apparently the young punks (aka everyone I race) do pre rolls now. I could do that. I lined one up with my team-mates Kris and Matt and figured I?d never been more prepared to not get caught. Pre roll done, it was time to head to the start area. At the start everyone looked very serious warming up and listening to psych-up music. I could do that. I put on the skin suit. Damn it, I forgot it was cut a little short for my long legs. Added to this, my legs are a little skinnier than last time I wore it so the elastic was riding up. I looked like an age group triathlete. Maybe I should tape a banana to my bike and be done with it? I put the worrying length issue aside? (just… don?t) and began my warm up. My iPod is a mix of stuff but firmly rooted in the ?90s. Hopefully something motivating would come up. First track on the shuffle was Enya… no that won?t do it. Next up was a thumping Tool classic that would do nicely. Okay, so now I’ve done a pre roll and a warm up. Legs felt like lactic-infused shoe laces. But I was ready. The ride itself was uneventful. It hurt. I hovered at just over 42km/h for most of it, which was okay for me. I didn’t get caught. Check! It would be a few hours before my double figures goal could be confirmed but eventually it was… I finished somewhere in the Top 80. This is cyclist talk for ?76th to 80th? or possibly just outside the 80. Anyway I was 77th. Winning the stage in a ridiculous time was Patrick Bevan followed by Joe Cooper. This guy has returned from a mid-season broken pelvis and is straight back at the front – massive respect. My team mates did quite well. Importantly, our main man Josh Berry put in a good one and is well placed to move into the Top 10 if?tomorrow?goes anything like how I think it will.

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