2014 National Capital Tour Blog: Stage 3 By Scott Bradburn

By Scott Bradburn ??Cellarbrations Racing Team First of all, sorry for cocking up the description of racing on yesterday?s final climb. Ben Dyball won it solo from a long way out. Trying to watch what?s happening ahead while struggling with what?s happening below can be difficult! On to this morning?s Stage 3?I was looking forward to this one. Four laps around the lake. With Avanti sitting 2nd, 3rd and 4th there was bound to be some aggressive riding to tire Search2Retain before the crit but the course favoured a bunch kick. Our plan was to be discussed at the team dinner in Woden last night but a quick vote saw dinner shelved. Tiredness and fear of Woden won out over team bonding. Like a lot of riders, I saw this stage as an exercise in energy conservation but would take an opportunity if it presented. The carnage was likely to occur in the afternoon crit. My biggest concern turned from the stage to my clothes. Two stages left and only one fresh pair of knicks. Hmm. I thought I?d packed plenty but this pre roll business had me in disarray. After smelling the various used options one was decidedly less feral than the rest. No one would know. The race. As per usual every rider in the race HAD to be on the front couple of rows at the start. This was actually achieved as riders fanned across the road and beyond to create 3-4 rows of riders 40 wide. So not pro. But then most?of us are so not pro. The attacks started immediately but it took a while for anything to stick. I was in position to go with it but didn?t. My internal conversation below: ?Move up… looks those guys are going to jump… go with them! Hmm, no, no wait, too much of a gap, go with the next guy. Damn… no, next guy. The break is going. You can still get across… no no… too much energy. Wow, that gap got big quick. Oh great NOW everyone sits up for a chat. Jeez should have gone. Loser.? The break lasted the distance which was a fair effort. Well done to Restall for the win and Pete Milostic and Matt Clarke who stood next to him on the podium. Our guys finished safely in the bunch except for the two who crashed and didn?t finish safely at all. Bad luck to Declan and Andrew. The team retained 6th on teams GC but with only four guys left we will all need to be on for the crit. Food.

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