2014 National Capital Tour Blog: Stage 4 By Scott Bradburn

By Scott Bradburn ??Cellarbrations Racing Team This one had me scared. 50 laps of a rectangular circuit with a climb every lap. My enthusiasm must have waned by this stage as I didn?t bother with a pre roll or even a warm up. I put all my ?energy? into sitting around near the start line for 20 minutes to ensure a spot near the front. I think this was a solid move. As we rolled off it became obvious that moving up in the first 20 minutes was going to sap a lot of energy. I was maybe 40 back and pretty much held this position from start to finish. I ventured into the wind on rare occasions but it was a scary place out there and I quickly took my place back in the queue. The bunch was quickly reducing in size and was probably only 50/60 riders with 10 laps to go. Up front guys like Peterson and the Budget/Avanti guys were actually racing. That would have been nice. The rest of us suffered. Search2Retain were huge and kept a lid on everything AND managed to finish 1st and 2nd. Very impressive. I found myself on the wrong end of the final split with 5 laps to go and rolled in around 30th, 30 odd seconds down (which, if you read my stage 1 report, you will know means probably a bit more than 30 seconds down). Josh finished up front to move to 11th on GC and the team did enough to finish 8th on teams GC. We are hopeful of improving on both at Tassy in a week. Thanks again to everyone involved with the team, especially MEGAN and Rusty. Special mention to Cam Fraser who had a mechanical yesterday but took on toilet line up duties so the rest of us could lie back and relax before our nervous pre stage toilet trips. Thanks mate. To end on a familiar note – I’m off to find some food.

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