2014 National Capital Tour: Men’s Stage 4 Results

2014 National Capital Tour ? Stage 4 Results / Men

Stage 4: 104.7 Criterium Date: Sunday, September 21 Location: Federation Mall Circuit Distance: 49.0 km Chief Commissaire: William Walker Organiser: National Capital Tour

Stage 4 Result (Provisional)

rankno.rider (team)time/gapbonus
1.42Alistair Donohoe (STR)1h07:246
2.44Patrick Bevin (STR)+07
3.81Ayden Toovey (SND)+02
4.1Brenton Jones (ART)+01
5.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)+03
6.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)+05
7.12Jesse Kerrison (BFL)+0
8.211Russell Gill (LTV)+0
9.11Timothy ROE (BFL)+0
10.43Brendan Canty (STR)+0
11.41Cameron Bayly (STR)+0
12.22Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)+0
13.2Joseph Cooper (ART)+0
14.4Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)+0
15.5Ben Dyball (ART)+0
16.101Tamas ALLENBY (SUV)+0
17.216Russell VAN HOUT (LTV)+03
18.34Mitchell Cooper (SGR)+0
19.181Josh Berry (CRT)+0
20.33Jonathan BOLTON (SGR)+0
21.23Joshua Taylor (CHM)+03
22.3Mark O’BRIEN (ART)+0
23.133Jay Dutton (SKO)+7
24.24Morgan Smith (CHM)+74
124Callum Scotson (SAS)+7
14Marc Williams (BFL)+7
123Miles Scotson (SAS)+7
45Eric Sheppard (STR)+352
32Andrew WILLIAMS (SGR)+39
57Michael Crosbie (AWS)+39
52Jeremy Cameron (AWS)+39
161Logan GRIFFIN (PIC)+39
64Adam Allen (DSR)+39
186Scott BRADBURN (CRT)+39
55Nathan Elliott (AWS)+39
8Matthew Clark (ART)+391
215Christopher LUXTON (LTV)+39
17Samuel Horgan (BFL)+39
152Josh ALDRIDGE (SLB)+39
6Taylor Gunman (ART)+39
134Harrison WILES (SKO)+39
75Mark CRAWFORD (GPM)+39
37Timothy SELLAR (SGR)+39
142Chris Harper (SWC)+39
105Aden REYNOLDS (SUV)+39
141Justin Gassner (SWC)+39
151Adam BULL (SLB)+39
26Nicholas Katsonis (CHM)+39
147Alex WEST (SWC)+39
131Benjamin HARVEY (SKO)+39
115Stuart Grimsey (PVT)+39
dns72Chris Jory (GPM)
dns231Peter MILOSTIC
dns241Jayden Copp
  • Average speed of the winner: 43.6 km/h
  • Number of starters: 131

General Classification (PROVISIONAL Final Result)

rankno.rider (team)time/gap
1.44Patrick Bevin (STR)6h18:55
2.5Ben Dyball (ART)+19
3.2Joseph Cooper (ART)+21
4.4Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)+42
5.11Timothy ROE (BFL)+54
6.216Russell VAN HOUT (LTV)+1:14
7.22Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)+1:23
8.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)+1:30
9.41Cameron Bayly (STR)+1:38
10.34Mitchell Cooper (SGR)+1:53

National Zoo & Aquarium Sprint Classification (PROVISIONAL Final Result)

1.8Matthew Clark (ART)15pt
2.24Morgan Smith (CHM)14
3.25Jacob Restall (CHM)8
4.1Brenton Jones (ART)7
5.44Patrick Bevin (STR)6
6.5Ben Dyball (ART)5
7.42Alistair Donohoe (STR)5
8.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)5
9.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)5
10.33Jonathan BOLTON (SGR)4

Intermediate Sprints

Lap 10 Sprint

1.44Patrick Bevin (STR)3pt
2.45Eric Sheppard (STR)2
3.24Morgan Smith (CHM)1

Lap 20 Sprint

1.216Russell VAN HOUT (LTV)3pt
2.23Joshua Taylor (CHM)2
3.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)1

Lap 30 Sprint

1.24Morgan Smith (CHM)3pt
2.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)2
3.23Joshua Taylor (CHM)1

Lap 40 Sprint

1.21Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)3pt
2.171Cameron PETERSON (PST)2
3.8Matthew Clark (ART)1

Lap 50 Sprint (Stage Finish)

1.42Alistair Donohoe (STR)5pt
2.44Patrick Bevin (STR)3
3.81Ayden Toovey (SND)2
4.1Brenton Jones (ART)1

Siren Bar & Restaurant Mountains Classification (PROVISIONAL Final Result)

1.216Russell VAN HOUT (LTV)12pt
2.5Ben Dyball (ART)7
3.47James Hepburn (STR)7
4.8Matthew Clark (ART)5
5.6Taylor Gunman (ART)5
6.11Timothy ROE (BFL)3
7.2Joseph Cooper (ART)1
8.33Jonathan BOLTON (SGR)1

Tiffen & Co Young Rider Classification (Virtual Standings – )

rankno.rider (team)time/gap
1.22Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)6h20:18
2.26Nicholas Katsonis (CHM)+50
3.124Callum Scotson (SAS)+2:05
4.142Chris Harper (SWC)+2:14
5.25Jacob Restall (CHM)+2:14
6.123Miles Scotson (SAS)+2:59
7.141Justin Gassner (SWC)+3:12
8.161Logan GRIFFIN (PIC)+3:22
9.147Alex WEST (SWC)+3:53
10.151Adam BULL (SLB)+3:56

Stage Awards

Stage Aggressor

Teams Stage Result (Standings)

1.health.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team (STR)3h22:12
2.Avanti Racing Team (ART)+0
3.CharterMason Giant Racing (CHM)+0
4.Team Budget Forklifts (BFL)+7
5.Team Lightsview (LTV)+39
6.Satalyst Giant Racing Team (SGR)+39
7.St. George Merida (SKO)+1:25
8.Swiss Wellness Cycling Team (SWC)+1:57
8.African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWS)+1:57

Teams General Classification (Virtual Standings – )

1.Avanti Racing Team (ART)18h58:00
2.health.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team (STR)+1:53
3.CharterMason Giant Racing (CHM)+3:59
4.Team Budget Forklifts (BFL)+5:30
5.African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWS)+7:07
6.Satalyst Giant Racing Team (SGR)+12:02
7.Swiss Wellness Cycling Team (SWC)+12:03
8.St. George Merida (SKO)+12:24
9.Team Lightsview (LTV)+13:14
10.Team Scody Downunder (TSD)
11.Phoenix Cycling Collective (PNX)* 15h56:09
12.Tiffen Cycling Team (TFN)* 16h01:04
13.Pat’s Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team (PVT)* 16h59:38
14.Peloton Sports/Turramurra Cyclery Racing (PST)* 17h00:33
15.Data#3 Symantec Racing Team (DSR)* 17h00:48
16.Subaru NSWIS Development Team (SND)* 17h03:55
17.GPM Stulz (GPM)* 17h05:36
18.Paradice Investment Cycling Team (PIC)* 17h07:07
19.Cellarbrations Racing Team (CRT)* 18h00:56
20.SASI Cycling Team (SAS)* 18h04:02
21.Subaru Albion NRS Development Team (SLB)* 18h05:35
22.SUVelo Racing (SUV)* 18h07:13

NRS Teams Aggregate (Standings)

1.Avanti Racing Team (ART)191pt
2.Team Budget Forklifts (BFL)122
3.CharterMason Giant Racing (CHM)99
4.health.com.au-search2retain Cycling Team (STR)93
5.Satalyst Giant Racing Team (SGR)79
6.African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWS)68
7.Wormall Civil CCS (WCV)50
8.Drapac Professional Cycling (DPC)27
9.Data#3 Symantec Racing Team (DSR)16
10.Jayco/John West/VIS (VIS)16
11.GPM Sultz (GPM)16
12.Team Scody Downunder (TSD)14
13.Subaru NSWIS Development Team (SND)13
14.Swiss Wellness Cycling Team (SWC)10
15.St. George Merida (SKO)10
16.SUVelo Racing (SUV)10
17.Bianchi DCM Arbitrage (DCM)9
18.Pat’s Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team (PVT)9
19.SASI Cycling Team (SAS)8
20.Team Polygon Australia (PGN)7
21.Team Seight (SEI)5
22.Subaru Albion NRS Development Team (SLB)5
23.Paradice Investment Cycling Team (PIC)5
24.Cellarbrations Racing Team (CRT)4
25.Phoenix Cycling Collective (PNX)3
26.Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team (ANP)3
27.Peloton Sports/Turramurra Cyclery Racing (PST)2
28.Croydon Cycleworks/Pick-a-Part (CCW)2
29.DH Racing (DHR)2
30.Team Direct Asia (TDA)1
31.Racing Kangaroos (RKG)1
32.GDT Racing (GDT)1
32.Hall Cycle Training (HCT)1
32.Team NeilPryde-Mens Club in Japan (MCJ)1
32.Total Sports NeilPryde Team (TSN)1

NRS Aggregate (Standings)

1.Joseph Cooper (ART)62pt
2.Timothy ROE (BFL)56
3.Brenton Jones (ART)56
4.Jesse Kerrison (BFL)49
5.Raphael FREINSTEIN (CHM)40
6.Jack Haig (ART)34
7.Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ART)26
8.Mark O’BRIEN (ART)22
9.Keagan Girdlestone (CHM)21
10.Ben Dyball (ART)20
11.Patrick Bevin (STR)19
12.Brodie Talbot (BFL)18
13.Neil Van Der Ploeg (ART)17
14.Cameron Bayly (STR)16
15.Patrick Shaw (SGR)16

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