2014 Tour of Tasmania Stage 3 Blog: James Hepburn

Peloton Cafe || 2014 Tour of Tasmania Stage 4 - health.com.au/search2retain

Peloton Cafe || 2014 Tour of Tasmania Stage 4 – health.com.au/search2retain

By?James Hepburn???health.com.au/search2retain And so began stage 3 of the 2014 Tour of Tasmania. The day began on a positive note for me, waking up in the glorious comfort of a double bed, a rarity on tour. I was joined in the room by Stu Shaw who had decided to move his mattress in and sleep on the floor. Apparantly his room was over crowded. Being the good guy that I am I decided to make him coffee and breakfast after his sleep over, before I sent him out on the walk of shame. A short commute to the race start was welcomed by all riders after yesterday’s early drive through the mountains. The race kicked off and the team had a couple of goals; keep Paddy in the GC mix and shooting for a stage win if it was on the cards. Right out of the blocks came the first KOM. And it was hard. On like Donkey Kong. I wish I could say who was doing the damage (a bit of everyone I’m told) but I was firmly focused on the wheel in front of me and the sweet taste of aluminum in my mouth as I chewed my stem. Only 25 made the first split. I waited up for the big group behind to catch me before we would go on to join the front of the race again. With me was my team mate and sleep over buddy Stu. Apparantly we look exactly the same on the bike and are often mixed up. Once my doppelganger and I made it back to the front group it was literally straight to the front to start swapping off. And we kept doing this until the start of the last climb, joined by our teamies Al, Dobby and Sheppard and a few toppies from Budget in Wohler and Cupitt. At the base of the final climb, with the work done I shifted into the comfort of my 28 tooth cassette. Sure enough I looked back to find Stu with me (is this guy following me? I hope he didn’t get the wrong idea after his sleep over). Up ahead Paddy, Cam and Brendan were doing well holding on to their top 10 positions, with Paddy taking a monstrous 2nd on the stage and moving to within 1 second of the yellow jersey. Which brings me to tomorrow. Tomorrow we race from Ulverstone, a town famous for being the closest town to Gunns Plains, the main reason guys are getting around with 28 and 32 tooth cassettes. It will be hard but the team is looking forward to it. Keep up to date with the?Health.com.au ? search 2 retain team via their website and on Twitter ? @S2R_Health

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