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Peloton Cafe || 2014 Tour of the Goldfields Stage 1 - Kimberley Wells

Peloton Cafe || 2014 Tour of the Goldfields Stage 1 – Kimberley Wells (image copyright Con Chronis)

By Peta Stewart ACT cyclist Kimberley Wells has recently been showcasing her dynamic and superior form on the bike taking out stage wins at the last two NRS tours. I caught up with ?Kimbers? to discuss all things bikes and of course her welcomed comeback to the peloton. Kimbers, great to see you back to your dominating form on the bike.? Who will we see you racing for in the new year? I?ve been with Specialized Securitor for the past three years. This Summer I haven?t officially signed for a team, but at this stage I?ll be doing some guest riding for Specialized Securitor on a race-by-race basis. I?m also now involved with ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS) who are fantastic in supporting my endeavours to get into track racing. A well travelled cyclist, what is the weirdest thing you have ever seen whilst out riding? Zip ties on helmets ? it?s a constant source of amusement!! What is your favorite riding/racing location: Corin, ACT. Ok ? a weird answer for a known road sprinter to name their favourite ride location on a 25km climbing route. I love riding out of town and absorbing the serenity. No, that?s not a reference to? The Castle.? I?m pretty sure Bonydoon is in some other state anyway?? I just enjoy the zone of the Corin climb; it?s not busy, so you can find your own tempo and plug away at it up towards the forest and the dam. Sometimes it?s stinking hot, other times there?ll be snow. Corin?s a mixed bag, which I enjoy. Clinchers or tubulars:
Low or high profile wheels: That?s a cyclical question; clinchers are the new black. You could say they?re back in vogue. Ultimately I want a fast, grippy and stiff set of wheels; you can throw them through the corners and launch them in a sprint. Well known for your crit racing – Favourite training location for sprints in Canberra? Anywhere. I?ll sprint you to the front of the line at Lonsdale St Roasters (caf?) if I have to. Nothing beats ordering the first brew in a lengthy procession of post-bunch riders. Mmm, tastes so good. There are a few good spots for sprint training; all the secret squirrels go to dairy flat road (closed to cars) to test out their turbo legs. Then there?s the Stromlo Forest Park crit track, which is another closed circuit. And now I?m spending some more time on the refurbished Narrabundah velodrome. Amp up music choice: I?m not a big muso. Best wheelsucker in the peloton: Ruth Corset. Anyone who doubts their own ability in a sprint ? have a look at Ruth?s positioning and you?ll learn a thing or two. For such a talented climber, Ruth is just as adept at finding the right wheels to follow at the right time for a sprint. Ruth may not win bunch sprints outright very often, but she?s consistently in the top 3 or 4 in a race finish. Positioning, positioning, positioning. Which team do you like to beat: Anyone, just so long as it?s a good race. I?m a strong believer in positive and aggressive racing, which ultimately show cases not only individual, but also team talents. How many days of racing do you do in a year: No clue; I?d have to look it up. Espresso, latte or cappuccino: Picollo style coffee has dominated our household for the past few years. What are the best attributes of the women’s NRS:
I?ve noticed the growth of the peloton & increased breadth of sponsorship for teams over the past few years. It?s great to see so many women racing each other and still being friends outside of events. We have a great crew of women in Canberra from a variety of teams. What could be improved for the women’s NRS? Let?s see if I can stir the pot a bit? I?m not an advocate for TT bikes to be allowed in the Women?s NRS (just like current Men?s NRS). And I know I?m in the minority for that statement. I believe that in order to facilitate aggressive and positive racing; equipment should not be the deciding factor. Without a TT rig, there is NO POSSIBLE way to compete for GC?.EVER. Boring. I?m not a TT-specialist rider and I know that people need to practice their craft, but I think in the current Women?s NRS climate where teams are barely affording getting a full team to races is not yet ripe in this sense. Stacking the most financially secure teams with TT rigs and discs etc only widens the gap. If teams want a more well-rounded race atmosphere; they need to ditch the TT rigs for now?.Ok, I?ll stop on that vein before I get bashed. Start a ?host housing? model for team accommodation at races. It seems to work well in the US ? I?d be interested if someone championed this idea for Australia. Teams need to take responsibility to not only get riders to races, but to facilitate rider development. Analyze the stage/race, set a team plan and re-evaluate whether personal and team goals were met. It?s too easy to ?just ride?. There are plenty of learning opportunities out there ? go on, take it! Do you prefer NRS or the summer season? Summer! Why else would I migrate North for the Winter? What is the perfect sock height: I?m no fashionista; better ask someone else. If you were paid a decent salary (on parity with the men) for riding/racing your bike, how far could you take your racing career: Who knows!?? It would be a vastly different experience; that?s for sure. The stipend provided for women who cycle is embarrassingly small. I think it reflects a much larger issue in the disparity between women?s and men?s wages across a lifetime. Social media….active user or stalker: Active user. Stalking?s for stalkers. You always look like you have a devilish smile on your face. Is there a devious side to you, or is it just sugar and spice? I like to play. I won?t bite but I?m not going to roll over either. My older brothers have fostered a heightened quest for pranks and laughter ? perhaps I should work on my poker face? You are well known in the peloton for your Jedi Mind Control. One of your standards is to let the bunch know that someone in the breakaway is a good time trialer and that they had better not let her get away. Do you have any other standard lines that you use to manipulate the peloton? Ha, I don?t know if I?d call my chatter ?Jedi Mind Control?, but I do talk it up in a race. It?s all part of cycling ? working with or against team and personal strengths/weaknesses. Some people are easily stirred up and take the bait, others not so much. It really depends on what?s happening and how I can see that benefitting my team. My offers may well be mutually beneficial. *wink wink Do you contest the intermediate or KOM on the infamous Canberra Saturday morning Bakery Bunch against the guys? How do you fair? I?d much prefer to sprint than go for the QOM/KOM! On the Canberra Bakery Bunch, I?m just happy to make it over the hills. If the boys want to put the gas on; it can be a very tricky ordeal. Just ask Stu Shaw (Search2Retain) about third turn. Earlier in the year you switched to the dark side and raced the Capital Punishment 50km mountain bike race and did ok. Are you likely to do any more mountain bike races in the future? How good is mountain biking?! I?ve dabbled on the dark side (recreationally) for a few years. It?s great for bike skills and head space compared to being on the road 100% of the time. Although, I do ease it off so that I don?t hurt myself. Yeah, once I?m not so serious with road/track I?d totally consider some MTB action. Perhaps I could emulate the successes of Irish National MTB Champ and Canberra local, Jenny Fay (Swell-Specialized)? In the Aerosmith song ?Amazing? , Steven Tyler proclaims that ?life?s a journey, not a destination? ? what is your particular take on this unique statement? One of my favourite sayings! It certainly reminds me of what?s important when I have to make tough decisions. I never assume I?ve made it; I?m constantly looking for aspects of my game to improve.? I?m very lucky to share this journey with my husband, Douglas Lampe. You have raced a season in America following the crit circuit there. What is the main difference, if any, between the women?s criterium scene in Australia and America? The Aussie scene is good, but still developing. In the US, it fits the stereotype; bigger, better, louder! The crit scene in the US has a large number of races all Summer with bulk prize money and more riders competing each time. Often crits are held in the evening to attract the twilight crowds, which works fantastically. Nothing like having thousands of spectators lining the circuit. In the women?s NRS there are doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals that mix up the day job duties and also attempt full time training and racing. Definitely a lot of high achieving women in the bunch! How tricky is it trying to get the balance right? Achievement and balance are a requirement for the contemporary woman! Whether Mums are trying to juggle kids and work or athletes are trying to juggle their work and training. The depth of professional and educational attainment in the women?s peloton, only serves to showcase the motivation in that bunch. I think it?s something to be celebrated. Word association ? respond with one word for each of the following ???????? Ballarat ? Champagne ???????? Canberra ? Home ???????? Geelong ? Hotdog crit. ???????? Marianne VOS ? Rainbow jerseys ???????? Bridie O?Donnell ? Total Rush ???????? Ruth Corset ? Hills ???????? Nicole Whitburn ? Black Caviar ???????? Black or White socks ? White, crisp Thanks Kimbers and good luck for the summer season….. now to work out which of my answers Kimber?s used her jedi mind games on! Follow Peta & Kimberley on Twitter! Peta – @PetaS & Kimberley – @Kimbers_Wells

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