Box Altitude – Altitude Training System final review

After being out of the tent for 9 days, I started the last 2 week block of Altitude training leading into the Grafton to Inverell. The Second time around was much easier adjusting to sleeping inside the tent and I was back into the swing of it within 1 nights sleep. After some more discussions with Rico we decided to aim for around 2300m (Hypoxic Sleeper level 7) with that I felt I was still able to train as I would normally.


I felt that with the altitude training the more I did the better I could handle the training load while at altitude, like most things the more you do the more comfortable it becomes. I was able to learn what my body could handle after the last time in the tent so this time around I was confident I could make better gains by going about things smoother rather than ramp it up too high to early.


We once again aimed for the 100 hours over the 2 weeks as that is when the gains are most notable (3-8% over 100hours) , unfortunately I only managed 75hours as I flew up to the Gold Coast a few days before the Grafton. I did notice in training that my numbers were definitely on the up even setting PB numbers in 5 minute efforts I was doing leading up to the race. My recovery also seemed to be better than normal enabling me to back up days pretty comfortably.


Rico has read every article imaginable about Altitude training so I was in good hands with questions about training or theories about it. One thing that was highly important is making sure your taking iron supplements/eating natural iron foods during any altitude training. Box Altitude has also tried many different machines before choosing the current one they sell/hire out, it also comes in two options Queen size or single with the queen size big enough for two people.


The race itself was a very hard day in the office, 230km with a 17km climb followed by long undulating dead roads. I felt pretty good I missed the break so attempted to ride across before hunger flatting on the climb (very rookie mistake!) I made it over the climb with the main group only for the breakaway to hang onto the win for the day. I did feel the altitude tent helped me in the lead up to the race; I was able to recover from efforts made during the race a lot easier than normal. I was dropped in the last 35km on a KOM and rolled in with the 2nd group. I would defiantly use the tent in the lead up to the race again as for me it’s a no brainer; get fitter, faster and stronger while sleeping.



I believe the Box Altitude tent is perfect for anyone looking for some gains leading into major events. With most professional teams now using Altitude training to peak for major objectives, its proven that it will help make the necessary improvements to help be competitive on race day. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Box Altitude about hiring out a tent to make sure you are in the best possible shape leading into it.


Thanks to Rico for lending out the tent for Peloton Café to do this review.


By Jake Klajnblat

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