Knog Blinder Lights Review

The guys over at Knog kindly sent Peloton Café some Blinder lights to be reviewed.

Normally when I’m looking for lights I look for the smallest/lightest one I can get my hands on. So the Blinder Road 400 & Blinder Road R70 looked to be heavy and bulky in the photos I saw online. Once received I was pleasantly surprised at how light they were for the strength of the lights! After nearly blinding myself testing the lights inside it was obvious these were one of the best lights on the market.

Normally I try to avoid riding with lights on but with club races and VRS races requiring a rear light, it was the perfect time to test the longevity of them. With the R70 having 5 different settings blinder1

I was fairly confident they would not die on me during the races. The light is that strong it can be seen easily for atleast 300m away and can potentially blind whoever is behind. Maybe a bit strong for a bike race but out in traffic it has to be one of the safest rear lights on the market.

Both lights are USB chargable with the rear R70 being Aero seat post friendly its another reason to get yourself a knog. The weight is also something to note with the R70 weighing in at 52grams and the front Blinder 400 100grams both super light for the power of the light.


                                                               Blinder 400 settings

Knog is an Australian company and sell to over 46 different countries; they are all riders themselves and are always searching for new innovative products to improve your commute/race/walk or any activity whilst keeping sleek designs.


Thanks to Sean at Knog for sending us the lights to test.



By Jake Klajnblat

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