Knog’s Oi bike bell wins prestigious global design award

Knog, the Australian cycling accessories brand known for its unique lights and locks, has won “Best in Category: Sports and Lifestyle” at the Good Design Awards 2016. They beat out other, larger global brands and some spectacularly innovative designs.

The Awards were judged by leading figures in global product, brand, service, social and architectural design.

Although only a lowly bike bell, Knog have re-imagined a design that is around 4000 years old – a domed bell can be traced back to the Yangshao culture of Neolithic China. And it was a domed bell that was on the first bike bell patents of the 19th century.

Only now, with the Oi, have Knog created a bell that sounds beautiful, and looks it.

Knog famously launched the design on Kickstarter in March to great fanfare, gaining 20,000. Their retail version of the bell will be in shops by September and will cost approx. USD $19.95.

“We’re excited to get recognition ahead of some remarkable products and established brands. But we’re just as excited to get the first “finished” samples – which came off the production line yesterday – so we can get them in the hands of our Kickstarter backers and global retailers”

For the latest images of the Oi, see

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