Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty – Meet the “apparel guy” – Travis Eddie



Travis, what is your role is Pedal Advocacy Against Poverty this year?

I am the “apparel guy”! The hard work for me was making sure the kit looked the goods and that everyone was able to place their orders knowing their sizes. The gear is due to arrive well before the event so the hardest part of my role is now done.

As you excited for the adventure ahead? 

I am excited but also apprehensive. I’ve never undertaken a ride of this size before, so hoping the legs hang in there and I don’t slow everyone down.

What is your main drive in riding the 1,600 km in 8 days?

To support the charities is obviously most important. The personal challenge is the second. To challenge the limits of what you think you are able to accomplish for a good cause is something I can really get behind.

What do you think is so important about the Vulnerable Children’s and the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust charities (let me know if you’d like help on these ones)

Any way that you can help struggling children is always something to support. Being able to give money directly to charities that help real children to live a better life, away from poverty and abuse, is the reason behind this ride.

As a bike rider, I know Australia has a long was to go to make it’s roads safer for cyclists.  That is why we’re also supporting the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust. Anything that we can do to get more people riding is a bonus!


What are you most looking forward to during this trip? 

Riding in places I’ve never ridden before and the camaraderie on the bike. Having done similar rides to this (albeit less intensive) I’ve found the relationships you forge out on the road help get you through the tough patches. I’ve made some great friends on rides like these and I hope this is no different

What training have you been doing in preparation?

I’d like to say I’ve been doing specific preparations but I’ve just been focusing on doing what I’m doing… keeping the k’s up as much as possible, doing some longer rides, adding intensity into my workouts and hoping like hell it’s enough to get me through the 8 days.


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How did you get into long distance bike riding?

I got into this event via Jon Leighton… Ask me after the event whether I want to thank or curse him. Riding long distances in general has just been an evolution over time of wondering how far I can go, set a goal- accomplish it- and then set out to better it. As someone who likes to set goals this naturally lends itself to keeping me interested and motivated.

Any advice for people out there looking to start riding?

I think there is a misconception that you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on your first bike to get into the sport, but that’s just not true. There are definite benefit that accompany expensive bikes, but you need to develop a love of the bike before you worry about how much it costs. Once you decide cycling is the sport for you, then think about how many internal organs you need to sell to fund your newfound obsession.

What about those wanting to start doing longer trips?

Ask questions of those who do longer rides. It becomes more than just how many km’s a week you ride- you have to plan and consider nutrition, hydration, recovery, the weather and spares requirements. Failing to plan ahead can have some serious consequences.

Why did Blackchrome decide to support PAAP this year?

We met Jon at Velothon Sunshine Coast this year which is where the initial idea was formed. This event was a good fit with our brand because of its support of a worthy cause and the opportunity to really become a part of the ride. We like to be more than just a company that supplies cycling apparel- we like to form relationships with our customers and really engage with them to understand the requirements so we as a company can learn from  the experience and improve as a result. Not only was I given the opportunity to ride the whole event as National Cycling Manager, but we have our Managing Director providing support on the logistics vehicle and our Marketing Manager in charge of PR for the ride. It’s given the entire company a real sense of pride to be partnering with some amazing people and we hope we can share what is sure to be an incredible 8 days on the bike with the wider community and contribute to the event’s success.




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