Training For Cycling With Sandra Bevin

By Sandra Bevin – Personal Trainer, I Can Personal Training How many of you out there think that to be a better and faster cyclist means you have to spend more time & kilometres in the saddle? Mmmm… a fair few I expect. I am here to tell you that that is simply not the case. In order to excel at your chosen sport, [W:CROSS TRAINING] is the way to go. How many of you out there think that once you?ve ended your ride and walked out the stiffness in your body, given your legs a bit of a shake that that?s enough? Mmmm… more than a few I expect. Would you be surprised if I told you that stretching for a minimum of five minutes after your ride would guarantee you recover faster AND you will perform better next time you get back on your bike? And what if I was to tell you that strengthening your upper body will also improve your performance? Yep, it?s true! As for the benefits of core strengthening… please… the list is endless! What about overtraining … is there such a thing? You betcha. It can in fact have a detrimental effect on your performance. Nutrition. Does it really impact performance? Oooooh yeah! As I am a Personal Trainer, my main focus will be on cross training (strength & cardio), flexibility & nutrition. However I will also cover hydration, supplements, endurance psychology and more in coming articles. Firstly however, I am gobsmacked by the number of athletic clients that come to me who don?t stretch. For me, apart from the hot shower after a workout, stretching is the best part of exercise! Therefore my first series of articles will be based around stretching for flexibility as I?m quite certain this is a vital component to performance and general well being overlooked by cyclists. I look forward to being your trainer. Hold tight … you might be in for a wild ride of learning! Kick it! Sandra I Can Personal Training

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